Salt Lake City Corporation
These are the activities our construction crews will be working on over the next few weeks:

  • The lining of the 8” sewer line on Grandview Circle is taking place today. Expect this work to be completed today.  

  • The next section of roadway from Dearborn Street to 1300 East is currently closed and is expected to remain closed until the first 4” of pavement is placed. 

  • This will complete the work from Preston Street to Fillmore Street, which will remain accessible from now on and will help alleviate traffic congestion along Stratford Avenue. 

  • Crews are currently working to locate utilities before pulverizing the top 8” of asphalt. After the pulverizing of the south half of the roadway is completed, crews will excavate down to the sub-grade surface and conduit will be trenched in. 

  • Crews will then place the pulverized material in the south half and the north half will be pulverized and excavated down and placed as the road base section. 

  • After the road has been placed, cement slurry will be mixed into the road base to create a stable base for the new pavement. This section will then be paved. This section is scheduled to take approximately 3 weeks to complete. 

  • The top 2” of paving from Preston Street (1930 East) East to approximately Fillmore (1530 East) will be paved in on Thursday and Friday. 

  • Traffic will be managed using a one lane two-way flagging setup in this area. Please be mindful of the flaggers instructions and be patient with the paving operation.  

  • The project is expected to be completed by Thanksgiving.

Please do not park on the street starting Wednesday evening, October 2, until the paving operation is done next weekend. Your adherence to this will speed up the paving process.

Our team is committed to assist in maintaining access to properties throughout construction, as much as possible. Certain activities will temporarily hinder your access with a vehicle On-street parking is still prohibited. Garbage collection is anticipated to continue as regularly scheduled. We’ll assist where and when we can with any events and issues that may be planned or arise. Please contact us at any time.   

Jeremy Mitchell , Salt Lake City Representative:
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Justin Simmons , Project Superintendent:   
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