28 - April 04, 2021
Review the PC Minutes for March 18, 2021 HERE.
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Dear CNG Community, 

Semana Santa has passed and the Counseling Department hopes all families had some time to rest, connect and reconnect. Vacation time can definitely be an opportunity for honest self care. As the last three months of school approach during this unprecedented year, we want to bring your attention to honesty when parenting. How hard can it be, right? How hard can it be to teach your kids and teenagers to be honest, even when talking about how much candy they had or how the party was last night?

Here is a video and 3 tips on how to encourage HONESTY in your kids, and with that how important it is to model it:

If you are struggling with this as a parent, reach out for some other ideas.

Athletics & Condor Activities

Condor Activities and the Athletic Department hope you enjoyed a much needed Semana Santa. We are looking forward to finishing the last quarter of the school year strong. As mentioned in our previous communication, Condor Activities will remain virtual for consistent and robust program delivery. The Athletics Department will return to virtual athletic practice on April 5, and potential on-campus practice beginning on April 17, dependent on our return to campus logistics. A reminder that athletic practice will not occur during MS/HS 3-way conferences (HS April 7, and MS April 8). 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Athletics: cng_athletics@cng.edu    
Condor Activities: cng.condor.activities@cng.edu