Saturday, October 10
4:00 pm t Jerry Hoerres
4:00 pm t Living and Deceased Members of the Schmitt and Enders Families
Sunday, October 11
7:00 am t Jim Faller
9:30 am t For the People of St. John the Baptist and St. Thomas Aquinas Parish
Monday, October 12
8:00 am t Arnold and Esther Servais
Tuesday, October 13
8:00 am t Deceased Members of the Jacoby and Schmitt Families
Thursday, October 15
8:00 am t Alfons and Eunice Friederichs
8:00 am t Don Diedrich
Saturday, October 17
4:00 pm t Patricia Winters
4:00 pm t Tom Radmann
Sunday, October 18
7:00 am t Intention of Sally Beyersdorf
9:30 am t Marian Wieck and Merle Harder
9:30 am t Kenneth Bermke