Ellen Bone - Psychic Medium
June 2018
This month marks 29 years as a professional Psychic Medium!
What a blessing this work has been!

T he end of May and beginning of June has brought some lovely surprises. First, I visited with my Mom who is 90. I have not seen her since her birthday last September . She is blind and her hearing makes telephone conversation almost impossible so it was especially wonderful to hear her voice and bask in her never failing wit.
The second surprise was that I discovered I actually could carve out some reading time and I read three books in a week. I fell in love with an old book called "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. It is less than 22 pages, but I loved the story and the message so much that I am going to immediately reread it. I also found two books by Diana Gabaldron who wrote "Outlander" which I understand became a television series. I watch so little TV that I have never seen it. Anyway, her books are just a little short of thousand pages long...so it may take me the entire week for each.
I miss my Dad who was a western book fan. I inherited his entire set of Zane Grey westerns . Each one is lovingly inscribed with a beautiful poem or words of love from my Mother to him almost 50 years ago.


Private Party - Grove City, Ohio

June 15
Private Party - Marietta, Ohio

June 20-25
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June 30
Private Party - Lancaster, Ohio

July 1
Private Party - Lancaster, Ohio
I thought I would share a great story from
my granddaughter, who is 10 , in the way she told me.
There is a house near hers, she explained, that people say is haunted. She thinks that because an old lady who is sick and possibly dying lives there, my granddaughter thinks it is when the old lady naps or sleeps...it is the old woman's face in ghostly form that people see at the window. Because the old woman has not yet died, she is imprisoned in the house until her body lets her go.
Interesting thought! I have known of homes "haunted" by someone who has Alzheimer who may reside in a nursing home but visits their own home in spirit. I had not considered the idea of someone, not yet deceased, in perfect mental health to leave their body and be visible to others as a "ghost".

Thank you for allowing me to do what I love.