Saturday, October 17
4:00 pm t Patricia Winters
4:00 pm t Tom Radmann
Sunday, October 18
7:00 am t Intention of Sally Beyersdorf
9:30 am t Marian Wieck and Merle Harder
9:30 am t Kenneth Bermke
Monday, October 19
8:00 am t Living and Deceased Members of St. John the Baptist Christian Women
Tuesday, October 20
8:00 am t John Linnemanstons
8:00 am t Joan Wild
Thursday, October 22
8:00 am t Theodore Nytes
8:00 am t Jacqueline Keyes
Saturday, October 24
4:00 pm t For the People of St. John the Baptist and St. Thomas Aquinas Parish
Sunday, October 25
7:00 am t Gilbert and Theresa Gohres
9:30 am t Robert Stoll
9:30 am t Gerald Schmitz