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October 2016 Newsletter

It's now more important than ever to stage your home for sale in order to compete with other similar homes.  

According to the 3rd Quarter Corcoran report (see below), inventory is up and sales are sluggish in the higher priced properties in Manhattan.  Also, a survey conducted of Corcoran agents found that 40% of their clients are waiting until after the election to buy.* And according to Jonathan Miller of Miller Samuel, "the era of aspirational pricing is coming to an end".*

Sellers need to price their homes properly and they need to distinguish their listings from others on the market.  Staging entices buyers to linger on the online listing photos and not click on to the next.  Staging helps buyers walk into the apartment or house and want to live there.  

See the before and after photos of our recent 3rd quarter Staging Success Story below.  And imagine if the apartment was listed empty.  Remember - buyers have no imagination or vision.
Warm regards,

Donna M. Dazzo, President
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Testimonial of the Month:
Featured Staging: $3.5 Million Two Bed/Two Bath Condo Staged and Sold in Just Over a Month!!
Market Overview: New York, NY
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: Five Decorating Tips for Getting Scale Right
Did You Know...? Haunted Places in North America Known for Ghastly Ghosts
Market Overview: The East End
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  Testimonial of the MonthTestimonial

"Donna has always excelled at turning ugly ducklings into swans. Yet this was a new twist on home staging: a rare and stunning apartment that had been beautifully decorated, but was now starkly empty. Donna managed to recreate the spectacular Central Park West-view apartment and match the custom colors and decorative accents, at an affordable budget comparable to her other standard two bedroom projects. 

Thanks to her efforts, the apartment sold right away, and at 15% premium to the most recent comparable sale in the building."

Cynthia W. Crowley            
Olshan Realty, New York, NY                            

$3.5 Million
Two Bed/Two Bath Condo 
Staged and Sold in Just Over a Month!!


While the average days on the market for condos in Manhattan is 93, this apartment sold in one third the time in just 31 days for 98% of its $3.5 million asking price, but 15% more than a comparable recent sale in the same building

Empty rooms have no appeal on the internet or in person. Working with the seller's taste-specific but high quality wall paper and wall colors, we brought in rental furniture and accessories to make it look like the colors were purposeful. The goal is to entice a buyer to want to move right in and live there.  It did the trick!  

Entryway Before

Entryway After
Living Area Before

Living Area After

Dining Area Before

Dining Area After
Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom After

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom After

Children's Bedroom Before

Children's Bedroom After

Children's Bedroom Before

Children's Bedroom After

 Market Overview: 
      New York, NY

" The Manhattan market continued to have year-over-year price growth in Third Quarter 2016, with prices remaining near record highs set over the last several quarters. Sales were down, however, with decreases in both closed sales and signed contracts. Inventory was down from last quarter, but up substantially from the near record low reached a year ago, giving buyers more options than they had in Third Quarter 2015. Inventory was up year-over-year but down from last quarter. "
The following is a comparison of Third Quarter  2016  vs. Third Quarter 2015 :
Market Wide: 
  • The listed inventory of 5,860 units was a 21% increase.
  • The median sale price of $1.393M was an 11% increase.
  • The average price per square foot of $1,744 was a 6% increase.
  • The listed inventory was 3,274 units which was a 25% increase. 
  • The average days on the market of 93 was a 10% increase.
  • The median sale price of $810,000 was a 7% increase.  
  • The average price per square foot of $1,288 was a 7% increase.
  • The listed inventory was 2,454 units which was a 27% increase.
  • The average days on the market of 75 was a 2% decrease.
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: 

Below  Houzz  contributor, Melisa LaBancz-Bleasdale of Apartment 46 discusses five tips for knowing how to work art, sectionals, coffee tables, lamps and headboards  into a positively perfect interior.

Remember that bigger is better with large or long walls

A common decorating dilemma is the large or long wall. A big blank expanse can fool you into thinking that you need a hundred pieces of art to make it work. Although creating a gallery wall may seem like an obvious solution, it isn't always the best one. Depending on the style of the furnishings, the proportion of the room and the amount of visual space you want occupied, a single statement piece can solve a multitude of challenges. 

 Select seating for the size of your space

Just because your space is small doesn't mean your furniture has to be, with the exception of the sectional sofa. Determining the right sectional for your room depends on the room size as well as complementary pieces (lamps, side tables) you want to add and whether they'll all fit comfortably together. A sectional can be used in a diminutive space, but to scale it properly, you should ensure that it doesn't take up the whole room, obscure the bottom half of windows, bump up against the fireplace or overflow into other spaces. 

 Think of your coffee table as a puzzle piece
                                           West Chin Architects and Interior Designers
Imagine how all the pieces are going to fit together in the room. This is especially helpful when choosing a coffee table. Visual scale is a key element in finding the one for your needs. If your seating takes up a great deal of space, look for coffee tables that are visually less weighty, such as ones that are glass, open underneath or in an unexpected shape like round, soft triangular or oval.

Choose a lamp sized to complement its surroundings

Picking the right-size lamp can be mystifying. There are many types, and each serves a different purpose: task lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps. So first and foremost, look for the lamp best suited to your situation.  In an entry, you may want to add a little ambience, so a visually clean lamp with a small base, like the crystal lamp shown here, is the perfect scale.

Let the headboard help frame the bed 
                                                                Design House

Think of a headboard as the finishing touch for your bed. Without one, the blank wall behind your pillows looks sort of, well, unfinished. Whether you go for upholstered, metal, wood or woven, it's important to consider your ceiling height, your wall space and what look you are going for - dramatic, refined, feminine or modern. 

To read the entire article click   here!
Didyouknow    Did You Know.....? 
   Haunted Places in North America  Known 
for Ghastly Ghosts
Alex Tihonov /Getty Images
With Halloween right around the corner, we thought we'd share some interesting details about a few places in North America highlighted as carrying a particularly haunted presence, in both past and present. For believers and nonbelievers, Travel Channel plays a guide into 5 haunted places one can visit if feeding a paranormal curiosity is a priority.

New Orleans, LA
l ightphoto / Getty Images

Some places become haunted in spite of themselves. Not so in New Orleans, where the worship of ancestral spirits dates to the arrival of African slaves in the late 18th century. Louisiana voodoo, a melding of French, African, Creole and Spanish religious practices, is noted for its devotion to voodoo queens and Li Grand Zombi, the Congolese snake spirit. Add in dark-eyed street musicians, sprawling urban cemeteries and a local affection for trippy masks, and it becomes tough to tell the real from the supernatural. 

Savannah, GA
Marilyn Nieves / Getty Images

Savannah's haunting may foretell the future for many other towns. The city essentially ran out of room to expand and built homes atop old cemeteries. Any watcher of B-quality horror films could have predicted the outcome: Ghosts now run amok but at least they have the good sense to congregate in fancy homes and lush gardens, mostly within convenient walking distance of each other in   Savannah's riverfront historic district

Salem, MA 
Kseniya Ragozina / Getty Images

If you think a city must be haunted just because it was the site of the most famous witch trials in US history, well, you're right. Not that there's anything wrong with being a witch. And modern-day Salem, a harbor-front town with brick sidewalks and inviting shops and restaurants, looks peaceful enough. But the spirits of the 20 men and women killed in the 1692 witchcraft trials reportedly crash many a visit. 

Chicago, IL 
                                         dosecreative / Getty Images

The Windy City has enough gauzy history to haunt a few countries, from a city-wide fire blamed on a cow and sordid gangland activity to a horrifyingly meticulous serial killer and Rod Blagojevich's hair. Some students of the spectral, including  PrairieGhosts.com, claim Chicago has more ghosts per capita than any city in America. Perhaps the best way to see the city's historic underbelly up close is on a  kayak tour of the Chicago River, which winds through the center of town.

To read the entire article, click  here! 

    Market Overview: 
          The East End

According to George R. Simpson, President of Suffolk Research Service, Inc., the real estate market on the East End of Long Island is not showing a trend of growth for single family residential sales on the South Fork, but significant growth in Riverhead. For single family residences, three of the key market indicators are down for the 5 Towns combined, 3rd Qtr 2016 over 3rd Qtr 2015. Median Price, Unit Sales, and Dollar Sales were all down. 

The following is a comparison of 3rd Quarter 
2016  vs. 3rd Quarter  2015 , by town, according to Suffolk Research Inc.
East Hampton Town:
  • The median sales price of $875K was a 24% decrease. 
  • The number of sales of 164 was less than a 1% decrease.    
  • The dollar volume of sales of $292M was less than a 1% decrease.
  Southampton Town:
  • The median sales price of $782,859 was a 7% decrease.
  • The number of sales of 386 was a 12% decrease.
  • The dollar volume of sales of $664M was an 8.6% decrease.
Southold Town: 
  • The median sales price of $535,000 was a 5% increase.
  • The number of sales of 122 was a 9% decrease. 
  • The dollar volume of sales of $80M was a 12% decrease.
Despite some of the key markers showing a downtrend in the 3 major towns of the East End, Judi Desiderio of Town and Country points out to Hamptons.com that specific areas within these towns, namely East Hampton Village, Montauk and Bridgehampton, have reached new highs during third quarter. To read the entire article click here!
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