2PK Sunday Storytime
Hello friends!! I miss each of you so much and can't wait to get back to seeing you at church. Until then, I thought we could spend some time together each week with a book!

This week's book is "I've Loved you since Forever" by Hoda Kotb. I have provided an online reading of the book and posted discussion questions below. I encourage older children to find the scripture in the Bible and read it aloud to the family before listening to the video and then read it again afterward to see if a connection can be found.

Ephesians 1:3-10
In our scripture today, Paul is speaking to the people of Ephesus, which is an ancient city that sat where the country Turkey is today. These words from Ephesians remind us that we belong to God. That God chose us before the world began to be God's children. These should be words of comfort because when you belong, you are part of something bigger than yourself. When we belong to a family we are cared for, loved, forgiven, and pushed to be better. No longer alone. This is what it is like to belong to God. Through our relation with God, we are loved, cared for, forgiven and pushed to be more Christ like. Belonging to God is not always easy. Sometimes we mess up and God offers grace. Sometimes we don’t know what to do and God sends the Holy Spirit to fill us with wisdom and revelation. 

Our book today reminds us that God has loved us since before creation and will continue to love us. For in God we are not alone and if we continue to rely on God, we will never be alone. It doesn't have to be God and then me. If we let God in our hearts, it can always be we.

See if you can find Turkey on a map or globe.
How do you feel comforted by your parent?
How do you feel comforted by God?
GOD’S FAMILY: Draw a picture of what they think heaven will look like, using shiny GOLD foil or wrapping paper for the streets, inked-fingerprints for children in heaven. Write in bright markers, WE ARE ADOPTED INTO GOD’S FAMILY

FAMILY COLLAGE 4 HEAVEN: Use old greeting cards or magazine pictures (of children and people) to make a collage of all God’s adopted children. Write GOD HAS CHOSEN US FOR ADOPTION.