2PK Sunday Storytime
Hello friends!! I miss each of you so much and can't wait to get back to seeing you at church. Until then, I thought we could spend some time together each week with a book!

Due the overload of deliveries lately from Amazon, I was unable to get a copy of this week's book in time to read to you. I have provided an online reading of the book and posted discussion questions below. I encourage older children to find the scripture in the Bible and read it aloud to the family before listening to the video and then read it again afterward to see if a connection can be found.

John 10:22-33
In our scripture today, Jesus is asked to tell if he is the Son of God or not. Instead of saying it plainly as he is asked to, he says to look what he has done and that should tell them who he is. Carolyn Brown, author of Worshiping with Children, says the people who know and understand that Jesus is the Messiah are the people who “Pay attention!” or, “notice what is happening around [them] and act accordingly.”

In our book, no one seems to be paying attention to the fact that Red is actually Blue. When the crayons finally pay attention, they see and interact with Red in new and beautiful ways.

Where do you see God at work in the world today?
How did the other crayons act when they finally realized that Red was really Blue?
How does paying attention to God's work change the way we act?
Explore mixing paint colors to create new colors. Tell how each color makes you feel.