2PK Sunday Storytime
Hello friends!! I miss each of you so much and can't wait to get back to seeing you at church. Until then, I thought we could spend some time together each week with a book!

Each Sunday I will read a book to you that relates to the Scripture and Children's lesson of that day. I will provide discussion questions for the family, activity suggestions and links to the book online. I encourage older children to find the scripture in the Bible and read it aloud to the family before listening to the video and then read it again afterward to see if a connection can be found.

I have included last Sunday's story below. Going forward, you will receive the "Storytime" email on Sunday after Worship.
Romans 14:7-12
The apostle Paul describes how people, even in church, can be and behave differently. He says we shouldn't argue and fight about our differences but be happy and give thanks that others are different than us. Within our churches, we will meet people who make different choices than we do and who are different kinds of people than we are. In our story there were many different types of pets and Billy made a different choice for a pet than many of us may have made. If we try to convince those who are different than us to think and act just like we do then we will become tired and frustrated. Instead, we can be happy with who we are and our choices and know that we all belong to Jesus Christ.
Using different materials, like newspapers, magazines, stickers create a collage of two pets: a happy pet and a grumpy pet and give them names.
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