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                2nd-3rd Grade MAP  ~ May 2019  News
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Where you paying attention?

Last month I let the parents in on the "Guess Alex's baby's name" competition I was running with the kids.

I had a number of people correctly guess the name based on my clues...

Indiana "Indie" Sakash was born on 4/17/19.

Correct Guesses by:
Caroline MacInnes
Brynn Aldrich
Rachel Egbert



April Review
We are beginning to wind down the 2018-2019 school year...hard to believe we have a little under 2 months left! Time starts speeding up, we start doing more special things at MAP, and we as teachers are soaking up all of the remaining time we have with our third graders. This is the time of year that I personally start getting a bit nostalgic with my third graders. 

Anyways, April is highlighted by the wonderful spring break: where we had a smaller enrollment meaning the teachers really got to spend quality time with the kids in smaller settings. We love vacation weeks for the lower numbers and the increased time we get to spend with your children! 

We went with the vacation theme of "Spirit week!" and tried to make our days reminiscent of the high school themed days. We kicked off with Greek Day where we encouraged togas, mythology, and greek cuisine!  We also made Greek inspired mosaics and laurels to go with the togas.  

Our next day was "Warrior Wednesday" - a day for Medfield Pride! The kids had a blast trying to identify their teachers high school pictures! Did you know that Alex, Bridget, Joe, and Zack were all Medfield High School Alumni?

Thursday we took a program wide trip to the Franklin Park Zoo! Although it wasn't necessarily the warmest day- the kids had fun seeing and learning about the animals at the zoo! It is always a treat to go out and appreciate nature. Upon returning we kept with the animal theme and called it "Animal House"! 

We closed vacation week with "Funsie Friday" - where we did a variety of fun activities capped off by having a rented bounce house for the day! The kids had plenty of opportunities to get their energy out and bounce to their hearts content! Bridget also brought in her ferrets and the Mapsters had a chance to play with and learn about them.

The last week of April is one of the more special weeks of the year- where we the teachers step away from teaching group and give the floor to the kids. That's right- Kids Teach Week!

Our students get to present a short lesson on any topic of their choosing during this week. Interested students get to plan and execute a group, and it always incredible to see how awesome the kids do!

We are offering another section of Kid's Teach Week coming up!