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  MAP Productions!


During our Theatre week, the kids wrote and then acted out their own plays! Here are the links to videos that they came up with!


Author's Group 


Illustrator's Group 


They are a hoot!



Thank You For a Great Year!

Thank you all so much for sharing your children with us this entire year!

No one becomes a teacher for fame or fortune, we do it because we love to work with kids and help them grow.

None of that is possible without you sending your children to MAP and trusting them in our care.


To our third grade families- we have relished the opportunity to get to know you and your child, and wish you both all the best going forward. Come visit!


To our second grade families- we are so excited to see how your children grow and mature over the next year! We are pumped to see them come back as third grade role models next year!


Have a wonderful summer!


All the best,













May Review
I am mainly putting this little sun icon on here as a way of staying positive that we might actually some sustained sunshine and summer weather eventually. May wasn't the best weather month, but we still had plenty of reasons to find ways to smile!

May began with what is often the highlight of my year- Clue Week! This year, the kids began noticing that the shelves where the  board games are kept was getting suspiciously less full...then they returned to MAP on a Monday to find that ALL the games were missing...or rather...STOLEN. It was up to them, with the help of Sherilock Holmes to solve the mystery of who stole the games! 

Here were our motley crew of suspects...


Our suspects (reads like a book):
"The Ninja" from 5 minute Dungeon, The Black Knight from Chess.
"Mysterion" from "Guess Who?", Domino the Domino
Natalie Twenty the D and D die, Tony Marinaro chef of the "Yeti in my Spaghetti" pasta
Baron Von Lederhosen and Lord Rupert Fudgerton from "Stratego"
Dr. Charade from Charades

Was it the handiwork of a renegade knight? Was the crime carried out by silent criminals like Dr. Charade, The Ninja, or Domino? Did Natalie roll out with all the other games? Or did the warring Generals recruit all the other game pieces for their armies? Of course, Tony Marinaro (which is the first reoccurring suspect!) always has those grubby fingers in something!
The kids were charged with solving the crime- and as the week progressed they found clues that would serve to prove the innocence of certain characters. On the Friday half day our last few suspects returned, and it was determined that the master of many faces- Mysterion - stole all the games!

Somehow between all the rain we managed to get a BEAUTIFUL day for the Getting Ready For Summer Club's Lemonade Stand! The kids came up with the business model and charity of their choice, and after looking at last years financials decided up their goal to $500 dollars!

Thank you to all the families that came and contributed to our little entrepreneurs venture! We are delighted to say we beat the goal and raised $575 - money that the kids have decided will be given to MAP. They are working on a list of items they would like us to buy for the program!

Thanks to Maureen and Joe for running the club - and to  Zack for being the MAP Lemonade mascot - Mr. Lemon! 

After last month's first section of Kid's Teach Week, many children were interested in participating after seeing what goes into it. We spent our final week in May letting more children take our role as teachers and share something they are passionate about!