October 1 2018
2-3 MAP Newsletter
Dates To Note:
October 5th is a HALF DAY
Theme is "Out of This World!"

October 8th: No School, No MAP
Club Reminder

Clubs have officially started! Please ask your child if they are in a club! Clubs run from ~4pm to 5pm. If your child is in a club picking them up after 5 will ensure they are able to participate fully in their chosen club!


Monday- Great Sportsmanship with Alex

Tuesday- Art club with Bridget and Zack

Wednesday- Around the World with Maureen and Joe

Thursday- DIY with Nescarly and Ruth

Friday- Games with Charlotte

This clubs will be running from 10/1 to 11/30.

Is your child absent, or changing plans after school?

Please do remember that if your child is absent from school, or changing their plans after school, that you need to let us know in addition to informing the school!

You can call or email in absences/changes to 508.359.8513 or email Alex at alex.23map@gmail.com
September in Review:
We have had a wonderful start to the year here at Wheelock MAP! We have enjoyed seeing how much our third graders have grown over the summer and we have enjoyed getting to know our new MAPsters as well! The kids have all acclimated well to their new MAP program and we are all having a great time together!

To start the year, we went over program rules and expectations, learned about our teachers (see below for more information on our staff!), and what it means to be a good MAPster and friend to others as well as liking ourselves. We recently have unveiled our new year long theme- which is the Dewey Decimal System. Libraries are becoming almost a novelty in an increasingly digital age, but they are still great places full of vibrant and important information. Throughout the year, we will be breaking up our weekly group lessons into themes based upon the Dewey Decimal System which organizes the library by genre. As we progress through the year, you will notice our wall sized "library" fill in with all the cool things we have learned along the way! Also- check the sidebars of these newsletter for some highlights of what we have taught...you might learn something new as well!

We are looking forward to a fun filled year!
Special Days from the Beginning of the Year:

Part of the MAP experience is the fun we have on both half day and full day openings throughout the year! For these special days we always have a fun theme that gives the day structure and some extra fun!

We squeezed the last drops out of summer the day before school opened with a Block Party day! On the 31st of August we had our first half day which was Pirate themed- were the kids got their very own Pirate names, and even had to fit together pieces of a lost pirate map to find lost treasure!

On September 10 we stayed with the nautical theme and had Under the Sea day! The kids had a variety of fun oceanic activities ranging from making ships out of Popsicle sticks to support as many pennies as they could, to making ocean themed treats, to painting sea shells!
Finally, we had "Expand Your Horizons" day on the 19th, where all the of the teachers took themselves out of their comfort zones and either tried something new or gave something they did not like or enjoy in the past another try. Charlotte expanded her pallet with some different foods that the kids tried, Joe did some art with the kids, Zack read aloud to the MAPsters after lunch, Maureen put together a power point with the help of some friends, Ruth held an all girls football game, Alex gave soccer a go, and Nescarly listened to some heavy metal music. Overall, it was quite the day of new experiences with a fresh perspective!

Marmite was not a hit...

Meet your teachers

Alex Sakash- Program Director

Alex has been at MAP for 5, but also attended the program as a child back in the mid '90s! Alex loves sports, history, and all things purple!

Charlotte Cassidy- Lead Teacher

This is Charlotte's 4th year as a teacher at MAP! Charlotte is incredibly creative, loves dark chocolate and is fluent in French!

Nescarly Presendieu- Team Teacher

This is Nescarly's 4th year at MAP! Nescarly has a huge smile and an even bigger heart and her clubs always give her students a chance to really shine!

Joe Davanage- Team Teacher

This is Joe's second year at MAP! He is a familiar face to many as he also worked at the Parks and Rec camp over the summer- Joe loves being active with the kids!

Maureen Connolly- Team Teacher

This is Maureen's second year at MAP! Maureen is a familiar face as she had many of our students in preschool! Maureen is well known for her tasty groups and her often messy science experiments!

Ruth Presendieu- Team Teacher

This is Ruth's second year at MAP! Ruth is hip to the trends and her fashion clubs are a hit!

Zack Pepin- Team Teacher

This is Zack's second year at MAP, but also came to the program as a child! Zack is incredibly talented artist with boundless creativity!

Chris Palmer- Team Teacher

This is Chris' first year at MAP! Chris is a talented magician who's tricks dazzle kids and adults like!

Bridget Carrigan- Team Teacher

This is Bridget's first year at MAP! Bridget has a big smile, an infectious laugh and can find almost any reason to dance!
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