October 2 2017
2-3 MAP Newsletter
Dates To Note:
October 6th is a HALF DAY
Theme is "ICE, ICE BABY"

October 9th: No School, No MAP
Club Reminder

Clubs have officially started! Please ask your child if they are in a club! Clubs run from ~4pm to 5pm. If your child is in a club picking them up after 5 will ensure they are able to participate fully in their chosen club!
New Faces at MAP

We are welcoming two new teachers to our team! Please feel free to introduce yourself to Carldine and Joe!

September in Review:
We have had a WONDERFUL start to the MAP year! We have a great group of third graders who are stepping up to be role models for our second grade MAPsters. Our new second grade friends have all picked up on the MAP schedule quickly and are having a great time with us! We have enjoyed seeing how much our third graders have grown, and have enjoyed seeing our secon d graders explore a ll their new MAP has to offer them- it has been a pleasure getting to know your children!

This month your children have learned about what it means to be a good MAPster through getting familiar with site rules, learning about the power of positivity from "Kid President" and the importance of having high self-esteem. They have played games like "two truths and lie" and "guess who" to get to know their teachers, many of whom are new this year! Lastly we have officially kicked off our year long themes of Measures of Quality and Quantity by learning about what "qualitative" and "quantitative" mean. We are getting more in depth into this theme as we flip the calendar into October!
Special Days from September:

Part of the MAP experience is the fun we have on both half day and full day openings throughout the year! For these special days we always have a fun theme that gives the day structure and some extra fun. In September we had both a half and a full day opening!

On September 1 we had Wild West Day! The kids made "Wanted" posters, sifted for gold outside on the playground, and tried to brave the Oregon Trail! Multiple MAPsters made it ALL THE WAY TO OREGON in that classic computer game, which is far more than I could say for myself at their age!

On September 21 we found out the International Banana Festival was today, so we had a banana day at MAP. Students made delicious banana smoothies with Charlotte and etched art into the banana peels with Maureen. Nescarly made some awesome "minion" mason jars with the kids because  no one likes bananas more than those little guys! We even had a GORILLA invade MAP to try to take some bananas!

Contact Us:

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