September 30 2019
2-3 MAP Newsletter
Dates To Note:
September 30th
October 9th:
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Theme is:
MAP 2050!

October 14th: No School, No MAP

October 15th:
If you normally send your child to MAP on Tuesdays we will be expecting them!
Club Reminder

Clubs have officially started! Please ask your child if they are in a club! Clubs run from ~4pm to 5pm. If your child is in a club picking them up after 5 will ensure they are able to participate fully in their chosen club!


Monday- Great Sportsmanship with Zack

TechArt with Chris
Drama Club with Matthew

Wednesday- Creation Club with Kimmy

Thursday- Babysitters Club with Mo and Nescarly

Friday- Surprise Club with ???

This clubs will be running from 9/30 to 11/30.

Is your child absent, or changing plans after school?

Please do remember that if your child is absent from school, or changing their plans after school, that you need to let us know in addition to informing the school!

You can call or email in absences/changes to 508.359.8513 or email Alex at

Each day we offer Homework as a choice at the beginning of the day for the first 15-20 minutes. If you wish to mandate that your child begins their homework at MAP, you can fill out a homework contract.

You can access the homework contract HERE
September in Review:
We have had a wonderful start to the year here at Wheelock MAP! We have enjoyed seeing how much our third graders have grown over the summer and we have enjoyed getting to know our new MAPsters as well! The kids have all acclimated well to their new MAP program and we are all having a great time together!

To start the year, we went over program rules and expectations, learned about our teachers (see below for more information on our staff!), and what it means to be a good MAPster and friend to others as well as liking ourselves. We spent last week introducing our year long theme!

With MAP turning 30 years old this year- we thought it would be fitting to shape our year around the Past, Present, and Future. We plan on modeling our group lessons around themes in that fit these periods of time, and as the year progresses we encourage you to take a look at the wall in the room - as we will be hanging up representative pictures on our timeline! Each year we try to create a visual of our year, and it is one of the more unique features of our program to tangibly see how we grow and learn! Check it out!

We are looking forward to a fun filled year! As the year goes on, I will be putting in some more detail so you can learn some of the things your children are learning! I also have been known to hide little nuggets in the news letter in the form of an Are You Paying Attention? contest. 

Meet Your Teachers

Alex Sakash- Program Director

Alex has been at MAP for 6, but also attended the program as a child back in the mid '90s! Alex loves sports (especially Frisbee), history, and all things purple! He really enjoys getting to know each child, and loves having an open door policy in his office for whatever the MAPsters need!

Charlotte Cassidy- Lead Teacher

This is Charlotte's 5th year as a teacher at MAP! Charlotte is incredibly creative, loves dark chocolate and is fluent in French! She is
famous for her baking, and her creativity really comes out in the fantastic projects and clubs she offers!

Nescarly Presendieu- Team Teacher

This is Nescarly's 5th year at MAP! Nescarly has a huge smile and an even bigger heart and her clubs always give her students a chance to really shine! Nescarly is also fluent in Haitian-Creole and has been known to wow the kids on the football field with her hidden talents!

Joe Davanage- Team Teacher

This is Joe's 3rd year at MAP! He is a familiar face to many as he also worked at the Parks and Rec camp over the summer- Joe loves being active with the kids on the football field and in the gym. 

Maureen Connolly- Team Teacher

This is Maureen's 3rd year at MAP! Maureen is a familiar face as she had many of our students in preschool! Maureen is well known for her tasty groups and her often messy science experiments! "Mo" brings years of teaching experience to the table and is always able to find ways to help kids reach their potential.

Zack Pepin- Team Teacher

This is Zack's third year at MAP, but also came to the program as a child! Zack is incredibly talented artist with boundless creativity. Zack has a great sense of humor, and has a mighty right foot that he shows off on the soccer fields!

Chris Palmer- Team Teacher

This is Chris' second  year at MAP! Chris is a talented magician who's tricks dazzle kids and adults like! Chris also brings an extensive engineering background to the program and has offered many interesting science projects from rockets to programming!

Matthew Geary- Team Teacher

Matthew joined our team midway through last year, and has made a big impression with the kids with his acting skills, and is a fantastic dungeon master in D&D!

Kimmy Hepler- Team Teacher

Kimmy joined us in closing months of last year, and has brought with her lots of creativity and youthful enthusiasm!


Ariana Marmai - Teacher Assistant

We are thrilled to welcome Ariana back to the program! Ariana was a MAPster growing up, and is currently a senior at Medfield High. She will be joining us a few days a week starting in October!


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