Practice round #2

Our 2nd annual Sports Trivia Night Fundraiser is coming up on June 15, beginning at 7:00 pm in our school gym. The cost is $100 per person or $500 for a team of up to 8. The fee includes pizza, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages. You may bring your own beer and wine.

The winning team gets a free foursome in the Peter and Paul Golf Outing held at Cress Creek on September 13 or a table for 8 at next year's Auction.

Each week we'll provide you with some sports trivia questions to help prepare your group for the 'real deal.'   Let's see how well you do today!    To register your team, click here.

1.  Which was the last expansion team to join the NFL?
           Carolina Panthers         Houston Texans                                                 Jacksonville Jaguars
2  Which major leaguer's 3,000th hit was his last in the MLB?             
Roberto Clemente     Al Kaline    Robin Yount  

3.  Which minor league baseball city has the nickname Mudhens?
      Myrtle Beach       Toledo       Clearwater
4.  How many members are there in a NASCAR pit crew?  
             3           4          7           8
5.  Which college was an original member of the Big Ten?
Michigan State       University of Chicago        Indiana

6.  In what city did the Carolina Hurricanes first enter the NHL?
            Winnipeg           Atlanta             Hartford
7.  Who did Muhammad Ali beat in the "Rumble in the Jungle"?
Joe Frazier     George Foreman    Leon Spinks
8.  Who is the only player to win the Heisman Trophy and play in the NBA?
    Charlie Ward          Steve Owens         Gary Beban
9.  Who is the first African American to win the Heisman Trophy?
           Jim Brown         Ernie Davis         Herschel Walker
10.  What is the oldest bowl game in college football?
          Orange Bowl         Cotton Bowl            Rose Bowl
11.  Two MLB pitchers won exactly 300 games in their career.  Name one.
    Warren Spahn        Early Wynn   
                   Tom Glavine
12.  Which NBA team drafted Kobe Bryant?
   Philadelphia 76ers     Los Angeles Lakers     Charlotte Hornets
13.  Who has the most coaching wins in the NBA?
  Phil Jackson          Don Nelson         Red Auerbach          
14.  Where is the International Bowling Museum and Hall of 
      Fame located  ?
     St. Louis           Minneapolis             Albany
15.  Which is the only Grand Slam tennis tournament to be 
       played on grass?
            U.S. Open         Australian Open         Wimbledon
16.  What school is known as the Cradle of Coaches for having produced the likes of Bo Schembechler, Ara Parseghian, and Earl 'Red' Blaik?
      Miami (OH)       Boston College       Texas Christian
17.  Which of these Hall of Famers did not wear #13? 
         Dan Marino        Omar Visquel         Steve Carlton
18.  Which city hosted the first Super                 Bowl?
     Dallas      New Orleans     Los Angeles
19.  Which was the first wild card team to win the World Series?
     St. Louis Cardinals     Boston Red Sox    Florida Marlins                                                                              
20.  Who is the first African American to be a NFL head coach?
        Dennis Green       Fritz Pollard         Art Shell
17-20                     Nobody should bet against you.
13-16                      Start cramming.
12 or less                Thanks for the donation!

The answers can be found on the school web page under the Advancement tab.

    Volume 5, No. 32
May 24, 2018


Our 2nd annual Sports Trivia Night is scheduled for Father's Day weekend.

Teams will match wits at 7:00 pm. on Friday, 
June 15, in our 
air conditioned gym.

Cost is $100 per person or $500 for a team with a maximum of 8. 

The winning team gets their choice of a 4-some at our Golf Outing   or a table at next year's Auction.

  The 9th annual Paul Pavlishin Golf Outing is scheduled for Monday, 
June 11, at the Stonebridge CC.

Half of the proceeds from this event benefit our school.

Next week you will be able to go online and bid on Cubs tickets and other attractive items.

Click here to register.

Congratulations to Cameron Dougherty from the 
Class of 2016. 
He is a member of Naperville Central's 
State Champion 
water polo team.

SSPP Trivia
When our school was founded in 1853....
. ..families seeking to cool off in hot, humid weather resorted to lakes or rivers and did not have the option of public swimming pools. 

The country's municipal pools were first constructed in the late 1860's to get rowdy, scantily clad youths out of the rivers and lakes and away from the public eye. They also served as large bathtubs for poor and immigrant neighborhoods.