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We're less than two weeks away from the 2nd Annual Saints Peter and Paul School Sports Trivia Night fundraiser being held on Friday, June 15, from 7:00 - 10:00 p.m. in our air-conditioned gym.

Registration is $100 per person or $500 for a team of up to 8. Your fee includes pizza, snacks, and pop. You are welcome to bring your own beer and wine.  The winning team gets their choice of a free foursome at our September 13 Golf Outing or up to 8 free admissions at our March Auction.

We've been helping you prep for the contest with weekly sports trivia questions to help prepare your group for the 'real deal.'   Hopefully you're making progress so let's see how well you do today!

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1.  Which player played in the most wins?  
Pete Rose   Yogi Berra    Derek Jeter
2.  Who hit .408 won season but lost the batting title?
        Ty Cobb            George Brett        Joe Jackson
3.  Who was the first 40 year old to drive in 100 runs?
    Manny Ramierez      Dave Winfield      Jim Thome
4.  Who has the highest career batting average among players with at least 300 home runs?
    Gabby Hartnett     Rogers Hornsby     Ted Williams
5.  Who averaged 200 hits per season over his first 14 seasons?
     Pete Rose         Paul Molitor           Ichiro Suzuki

6.   Who is the first White Sox player to be named MVP?
   Nellie Fox     Dick Allen     Carlton Fisk
7.  Who had 3 seasons of 40 or more homers and fewer strikeouts than homers?
      Stan Musial        Albert Pujols                          Ted Kluczewski
8.  Who is the only catcher to win 3 batting titles?
      Joe Maurer         Gary Carter          Ivan Rodriguez
9.  Who, besides Ty Cobb, is the only player to bat clean up in the World Series at age 20?
     Greg Luzinski       Mike Trout       Miguel Cabrera
10.  Who has scored the most World Series runs?
         Mickey Mantle     Reggie Jackson    
                        Lou Brock
11.  Who has the most wins in the NFL as a head coach?
George Halas    Tom Landry     Don Shula
12.  Which NFL team features a helmet decal on only one side of the helmet?
  Pittsburgh Steelers    Tennessee Titans                         Cleveland Browns
13.  4 of the first 5 picks in the 1989 NFL draft are in the Hall of Fame....Barry Sanders, Derrick Thomas, Troy Aikman, and Deion Sanders.   Who was the bust?
      Tony Mandarich        Blair Thomas        Keith McCants   
14.  Which of these teams was not an original NFL team that moved over to the AFC  ?
      Steelers          Raiders         Colts         Browns
15.  Who is the only player to be enshrined in both Canton and the Canadian Football Hall of Fame?
Rodney Peete    Warren Moon     Doug Flutie     Joe Theismann

16.  Which state has produced the most NFL Hall of Famers?
Texas    Ohio   California    Pennsylvania
17.  Who is the only Super Bowl MVP to play on a losing team?
         Dan Marino         Chuck Howley 
      Larry Fitzgerald      Steve McNair
18.  Who holds the single-season record for most touchdown receptions with 23?
  Terrell Owens     Jerry Rice      Calvin Johnson      Randy Moss
19.  The Seattle Seahawks paid this university a licensing fee to use the "12th man" slogan?
    Michigan          Auburn           Clemson           Texas A&M
20.  Which major league baseball team selected both John Elway and Dan Marino in the 1979 amateur draft?
         New York Yankees              Kansas City Royals           
         Los Angeles Dodgers            Baltimore Orioles
           17-20              Did Alexa help you?
           13-16              There's still time to recruit another                                         team member.
           12 or less         Are you at least making progress?

The answers can be found on the school web page under the Advancement tab.

    Volume 5, No. 34
June 5, 2018


 Congratulations to Nick Kislow '14, a member of the Bishop Garcia Diego Cardinals football team that won the California 3 AA State Football Championship for the first time in school history. 


Our 2nd annual Sports Trivia Night is scheduled for Father's Day weekend.

Teams will match wits at 7:00 pm on Friday, June 15, in our air-conditioned gym.

Cost is $100 per person or $500 for a team with a maximum of 8.

The winning team gets their choice of a 4-some at our September 13 Golf Outing at Cress Creek or up to 8 admissions at next spring's Auction.

  The 9th annual Paul Pavlishin Golf Outing is scheduled for next Monday, 
June 11, at the Stonebridge CC.

Part of the proceeds from this event benefit our school.

Next week you will be able to go online and bid on Cubs tickets and other attractive items.

Click here to register

SSPP Trivia
When our school was founded in 1853....
. ..neither people nor communities could turn to the American Red Cross whenever any national emergency or disaster would occur.  It wasn't until 1881 when Clara Barton risked her life to bring supplies and support to soldiers in the field during the Civil War that the idea of an outside agency helping in a crisis began to take root.

That led to her founding the American Red Cross in the same year, at age 60, an organization she led for the next 23 years.