Practice round #5
There are only about 48 hours left to the 2nd Annual Saints Peter and Paul School Sports Trivia Night.

If you've been scoring well on these weekly practice quizzes, then you might want to think about spending this Friday night with us. To register your team, click here.

Here is your final warm-up. Good luck.


1.  Which college program currently has the most players in the NBA?

       Duke         UCLA        Kentucky

2.  The NCAA once created a rule to keep this person from dunking his free throws?

    Lew Alcindor      Wilt Chamberlain                Shaquille O'Neal


3.  Which coach has won the most Stanley Cups?

       Scotty Bowman       Glen Sather           Dick Irvin

4.  Who rejected Alabama's offer in 2006 to be head football coach before they hired Nick Saban?

       Lou Holtz        Rich Rodriguez        Urban Meyer
5.  Which of these schools is not in the SEC?

   North Carolina        South Carolina                       Tennessee

6.  Which is the only major tennis tournament still played on grass?

      US Open        Australian Open  

7.  Which city has hosted the modern summer Olympics three times?

           Los Angeles          London            Athens

8.  When was the first winter Olympics held?

            1924           1932           1940       

9.  Only four athletes have won medals in both the summer and winter Olympics. Who is the only American to do so?

         Apolo Ohno        Eddie Eagan          Eric Heiden

10.  Which Big 10 team won the NCAA baseball national championship 3 times?

         Maryland            Michigan            Minnesota


11.  Which school has won the most NCAA baseball national championships?

      Arizona State          Texas
           Southern California

12.  Who holds the NCAA basketball record for most points in their career?

     Elvin Hayes         Pete Maravich           Tim Duncan

13.  Which school has won the most NCAA softball championships?

      UCLA          Arizona State            Oklahoma           

14.  Drew Brees holds the record for most passing attempts in a collegiate game.  How many did he throw ?

               63             73               83

15.  Which dubious record does former Florida quarterback John Reaves hold?

           Most interceptions in a game - 9
           Most passing yards in a game - 716
           Most touchdown passes in a game - 7    
16.  Which college currently has the most MLB players?

         Long Beach State      Miami 

                   Arizona State

17.  Which current MLB player is the closest to 3,000 hits?

    Joe Mauer           Robinson Cano                   Miguel Cabrera

18.  Which Blackhawk holds the record for most career power play goals?

       Bobby Hull        Jeremy Roenick       Steve Larmer                                      Denis Savard

19.  Who was the first boxer to knock down Muhammad Ali in his professional career?

       Joe Frazier         Sonny Banks         George Foreman 

20.  Which Illinois player was never named a Rose Bowl MVP?

      Jim Grabowski     Buddy Young      Dick Butkus                                         William Tate
      18-20            You've got the 'mo' on your side!!
      15-17            A good score for this quiz. You're ready
      14 or less      Start cramming.

    Volume 5, No. 35
June 13, 2018

There is still
 room for individuals ($100) or teams ($500) to sign-up for Friday's Sports Trivia Night.

Winners get to golf for free at our Golf Outing or receive free admission to the Auction.


T he 30th Annual SSPP Golf Outing 
is scheduled for Thursday, 
September 13,
at the
Cress Creek Golf Course.

Registration information will be forthcoming.


Congratulations to Ryan Doyle '86 and Kevin Bates '86 whose sons, Gavin (Doyle) and Keegan (Bates), were members of Plainfield North's
State Baseball Champions.

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