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Name: Patricia Maher For Congress
Title: Democratic Primary, June 23, 2020
Phone: 516-661-824
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Patricia Maher For Congress

Democratic Primary
June 23, 2020

"The system is alive and well in Washington D.C. and we must be prepared for the next time, both medically and financially."
"I will help the district heal from our health and financial crisis."                                                                                                                                                        
Amityville, N.Y. - May 9, 2020 - Patricia Maher is running for Congress to help bring our health and economy back. Maher is in a primary on June 23, 2020. Maher is the only one in the race who is not a career elected official. "All of the other candidates are career elected officials and have their allegiance to the system, not the voters," said Maher. "The system has failed us, some of us are sick and most of us are out of work. People who only two months ago were employed are standing on food lines. The COVID-19 Pandemic has temporarily taken the life that we knew away from us. "The one thing we don't need is more career elected officials," said Maher. "The system is so jaded against upstarters that I never received most of the endorsement applications that my opponent did."

Maher has spent her life around health care. Maher is the daughter of a nurse, she has a law degree from Touro Law Center in Central Islip and is presently doing research towards an LL.M. in Health Care and Policy at Hofstra University. "Congress makes laws and a Congresswoman needs be able to write laws to help the district,” said Maher.  “The unfortunate part about some laws are that elected officials don’t understand them, read them or even participate in writing them, and then they vote to pass these laws,” said Maher.  

We need real women in Congress, that have the experience and education to make laws, not more career elected officials. I am a political activist, graduate of the Touro Law Center in Central Islip with a J.D. and daughter of a single working mother. My mother was a Cadet Navy Nurse from WW II. Born and raised on Long Island, Maher’s parents were divorced when she was younger. Her mother worked in the hospital during the day and then traveled to New York City at night to earn her Doctorate in Nursing Education at Teacher’s College, Columbia University.

Maher has worked for the residents of both Nassau and Suffolk Counties while in the Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Clinic at Touro Law in Central Islip. "I helped individuals fight to keep their homes and assets," said Maher. “People were facing foreclosures and the banks just didn't care. I helped advocate for them so they could receive a second chance."

Patricia did her externship in the long island criminal division in the United States Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of New York, Central Islip. "Drug addiction and crime are apart of everyday life for some in the district and I wanted to help protect the community by learning from the top prosecutors."

“I’m not a Washington insider. I ran for Congress against Peter King as the Democratic Candidate in 2014 with little support from the Washington insiders. Very few wanted to run against Peter King back then, so I took the challenge,” said Maher.

“I will help the district heal from both the health and financial crisis that COVID-19 has created,” said Maher. “My first priority is to meet with our frontline workers including, nurses, physicians, hospital administrators, store clerks, grocery store workers, pharmacists, restaurant employees, sanitation workers, bank employees, social workers and essential workers, including teachers, and small to mid-size business owners.” “They are all essential to claiming back the life that we once knew. We can never be caught off-guard again. I will work with the local elected and state officials to prepare. A priority is to advocate for more industry and federal funding for Long Island, which equates to real jobs that pay for a mortgage,” said Maher.