2nd NCBS Annual Report Call for Papers

You are cordially invited to contribute an article or essay to the National Council for Black Studies Annual Report on the State of Affairs for Africana Communities in 2022 and beyond. The report is scheduled to be released in Spring 2023. 


This report aims to include short essays (between 2000 and 2500 words or between 8 and 10 double-spaced pages, including references) on new, emerging, and ongoing current issues and innovations of importance to Africana communities in the U.S. and anywhere in the global African world. Our mission is to create a space for our discipline to offer historical context, future projections, solutions, and culturally grounded analyses of current needs, concerns, innovations, and ideas of people of African ancestry anywhere in the world. We are especially interested in issues related to the meaning of diversity and equity for Black people at this time, emerging technology and Africana agency, the ethics and urgency of reparations, the concept and practice of scholarly activism, intra-community violence, anti-Black male social discourse, and the pathology of American oppression. In addition, we invite you to submit essays on other topics in the areas below. 


Area A: General Essays on the African/Black World

This section of the report will include essays on key issues, innovations, challenges, and solutions for communities of people of African descent anywhere in the (international) African world.


Area B: Essays on Community and Engagement

This section of the report will consist of essays highlighting institutions, programs, organizations, and efforts delivering critical services, effective activism, and other means of advancing communities of Africana people.


Area C: Essays on the Current State of the Discipline

This section of the report consists of essays providing clarification, insight, and/or future projections or forethought on the state of the discipline during the calendar year. They should highlight emerging challenges, victories or advancements, upcoming critical issues, and/or potential solutions. 


Area D: Voices of Black Youth

This special section of the report consists of essays from Black youth, high school students, discussing emerging issues and concerns. Teachers will be surveyed to identify Black youth who are emerging leaders with ideas about issues of critical relevance to Black communities. Teachers are invited to mentor students and support them in this process.


Submission Guidelines


The deadline for complete papers is November 1, 2022. Please send enquiries and submissions to the National Council of Black Studies at the following email address: annualrep@ncbsonline.org


Decisions on publication will be made by March 1, 2023.


The editors of the report are Dr. Valerie Grim, Dr. Maulana Karenga, Dr. Serie McDougal, III, Dr. James Stewart, and Dr. Michael Tillotson.  

Submission Guidelines

NCBS Annual Report Submission Guidelines.png


California State University, Los Angele (Cal State LA) is excited to announce a new Master's degree program in Pan African Studies (PAS). Beginning October 1st through March 1st of 2023, they will welcome applications from students who desire to develop and sharpen the knowledge, skills, and competencies that will help them better understand and enhance the lives of African peoples worldwide.  In the fall, students will be able to apply online at https://www.calstate.edu/apply.

Cal State LA is home to the second oldest department of its nature in the Nation and is the first in the CSU System to offer a Master's degree. The 30-unit Master of Arts uses the cohort model to maximize communal support opportunities. One of the main objectives of the graduate program is to address the national and statewide need for an M.A. degree in PAS that is rooted in a symbiotic relationship between scholarship/theory and practice/activism.  Soon, additional information will be available on their website.

They ask that you share this with your students and colleagues as soon as possible.  

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