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Cali Brooks

Pres. & CEO

Adirondack Foundation

Cali Brooks has been appointed to the NY Federal Reserve Community Advisory Council for the 2nd district. She will provide the Board a perspective of the diverse needs of our communities to best utilize monetary policies that accelerate change and provide economic beneifits to our diverse population.

Doug Ford

VP Sales & Purchasing

Curtis Lumber

Doug Ford understands the needs of labor in the workforce and is working with BOCES and the Capital Region Workforce Coalition, a group of over 40 individuals and trades. They provide workshops for school counselors that engage and educate students about the opportunities that exist in the trades today.

Laura Kriegler

'Chief Heart'

Camp Stomping Ground

As Founder & Co-Director, Laura offers kids the opportunity to make decisions, go outside of their experiences & learn to trust & understand themelves. How? Children come from all different backgrounds and share in the experience of 'making camp together' which inspires the next generation of 'radical decision makers'.

Ron Kim


Saratoga Springs

Mayor Kim identifies key benefits to our community through the expansion of non-profit grant support to diverse groups as well as the Missing Links Sidewalk Program that connects the city's inner core. Recognizing the right to free speech, he encourages people with opposing views to listen and hear what is being said at city meetings for greater impact &


Dr. Kristine Duffy


SUNY Adirondack

As a catalyst for education and economic growth, the college announces their new multi-sport, artificial turf athletic field that extends playtime and is an economic asset to the community. Dr Duffy discusses the master plan, implementation and funding sources that are integral to this accomplishment. A future vision for the facility includes upgrades for men's and women's lacrosse.

Cindy Swadba

Leadership Role

Saratoga PRIDE

Visibility for the LGBTQ+ community has been recognized and grown over the last 15 years. In addition to the month long celebration of the June PRIDE Festival, the organization has a year-round calendar that includes golf, social events, a garden club, youth programs etc. which foster acceptance, inclusion, affirmation and build community connections.

Wellpring Video


Cronin's Golf Resort 2023


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Comments from around the web:

"Thank You for providing me the platform to talk about workforce development for the trades and our great relationship with the Saratoga BOCES. Speaking to a group or on air is not something I’m real comfortable with but you made really easy."

Doug Ford

Curtis Lumber Co.

"Thank you again - so, so much! We're sharing on our site, social media, and in our eNewsletter!"

Micelle Bauer


Thank YOU for the opportunity. We appreciate Look Media very much! 

All the best,

Deirdre Ladd

Community Relations for

Assemblywoman Carrie Warner

"Thank you so much for including me and we appreciate the support."

Kristine Duffy

President SUNY ACC

“Bravo! I love this sweet little theater!!!” Debbie St. Amour, on Facebook Strand Theatre interview

“Thank you, Cali Brooks, for mentioning the town of Indian Lake during your interview!” Town of Indian Lake, on Facebook Adirondack Foundation Interview

“For the family and friends who know our daughter, Kristine Duffy: As president of SUNY (State University of New York) at Adirondack, Kris has spearheaded some of the most energetic and costly expansion projects in the college’s history.” Jan Kokochak, on Facebook SUNY Adirondack Interview

Top videos in June :

  1. Mangino 'Your LOOK'
  2. Pamela Polacsek - LTW
  3. Doug Ford - LTW
  4. Monica LaPlant - LTW
  5. Godon Boyd - LTW
  6. Saratoga City Council Meeting 6/6/23
  7. CaliBrooks -LTW
  8. Cindy Swadba - LTW
  9. Andrew Koph - LTW
  10. Sarah Burger (from 2015)

Comments from around the web:

“Hey Look TV - I would like to add that the Cronin Family is so generous to the non-profit sector. Cronin's Golf Resort will be hosting our 14th Annual Golf Event again this year. They do an incredible job. Lots of fun!” Cornell Cooperative Extension of Warren County on Facebook Cronin’s Golf Resort interview

“Classifying Caffe Lena as an Essential Business and musicians as Essential Workers is so wonderful and so true! People need music and the arts!! Thank you Sarah, for putting that message out there! I want to speak for the whole music community when I say, " I feel so appreciated!" <3” Blue Billies on YouTube, Sarah Craig interview

“There is also no longer a lot of trust in the EPA.” Ken Rawley on YouTube, Protecting the Lake special.

“Huh, convenient the girls softball team has a rescheduled away game. The girls haven’t been able to use the field even though it’s supposed to be a 4-sport field. So sad the girls weren’t allowed to play on it (even the ones that were recruited with the promise to play on it). As a former student of ACC I am disappointed.” Heather Adams Keys, on Facebook SUNY Adirondack Interview

“​​Cursing out employees, threatening jobs, ethics violations, completely lost control of meetings, and utter vitriol in the halls of city hall. Kim has failed us all.” Mike AB, on Facebook Ron Kim Interview

“Bravo! I love this sweet little theater!!!” Debbie St. Amour, on Facebook Strand Theatre interview

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