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Grand opening festivities took place in late May and included Elders, staff, aging services professionals along with a host of local and state officials.  This $34 million project was truly the result of elders voicing their desire to see Green House homes on their campus that serves 900 John Knox residents in Pompano Beach, Florida.  

"The Woodlands is the first Green House to be initiated by resident involvement," said Nancy Lee Matthews, one of several John Knox Village residents sharing input when the project was being planned. "It was us, the residents, who initially researched The Green House and presented the information to administration and the board of directors."  

President and CEO of John Knox Village, Gerry Stryker, welcomed those attending the event and definitely agrees that residents were a critical link in the project.               

Carmel, IN - Melody DeCollo, Director of Green House Cottages of Carmel, in partnership with THE GREEN HOUSE┬«, is pleased to announce the arrival of their first elder, the first Green House resident in the state of Indiana. Green House Cottages of Carmel features six homes on its Carmel, IN campus. Following The Green House model of care, each home is complete with 12 private suites, an open kitchen and dining area, hearth room, den, outdoor living area, salon, and therapy room. 

Redefining Home.  Revolutionizing Care.  That was the message from  Jewish Senior Life  officials as they broke ground for their new Green House homes on June 16, 2016. The well attended event included elders, employees, donors and many members of the press. 
Senior Director of The Green House Project,  Susan Ryan, was one of the speakers for the event and shared her heartfelt congratulations to all who had helped Jewish Senior Life in this special journey.
The Green House homes are part of an $83 million master plan that will also include making major renovations in their main building, the Jewish Home of Rochester. 
The nine Green House homes will be part of three buildings - each of the three floors in a building will be a home for 12 elders.  The homes are slated for completion by the end of  2017.
In late April ground was broken at  Calder Woods, a Buckner Senior Living Community, on a $25.9 million expansion and remodel at their campus.  Two new skilled nursing Green House homes are part of the first phase of this project.  The homes will include 10 private bedrooms and bathrooms, open kitchen, hearth and access to the outdoors.  Construction begins in May and is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. The new space will also include 36 independent living garden apartments and enlarging and renovating the current assisted living area in the community.
With the construction of the homes at Calder Woods, this will be the fourth campus in the Buckner organization that will include Green House homes.

Exciting news concerning fire safety codes!  

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a  final rule  to update health care facilities' fire protection guidelines to improve protections for all Medicare beneficiaries in facilities from fire.  

"It is very exciting that CMS is adopting the 2012 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. This change of code will be significant to Green House adopters seeking to create the most residential environments possible." explained Senior Associate/Design Director for SWBR Architects, Rob Simonetti.   "In particular the new code allows for a kitchen open to the corridor in skilled nursing smoke compartments housing thirty elders or less.  Under the new code no separating fire shutter is required and a more residential styled hood can be used in lieu of a Type 1 commercial hood. These allowances create the opportunity for both great cost savings as well as very residential homes."

Keep watching for more information on this CMS decision.  Click below to read more about their announcement.
"Some people discover their personal mission early in life. For me, decades of life experiences and events would eventually become masterfully woven together to reveal a tapestry of passion and purpose to make life not just worth living for elders, but to actually enable them to live the good life."  
The above quote is from The Green House Project Senior Director,  Susan Ryan .  It's how she chose to open her Ted Talk style presentation at the spring conference for the  Association of Jewish Aging Services  (AJAS).  Susan was one of many thought leaders sharing her personal experiences and passion for Elders and how every person should be "Living the Good Life". 

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GCD students from Class of 2016 at The New Jewish Home
GCD students from Class of 2016 at The New Jewish Home
In June, The New Jewish Home in New York City celebrated the Geriatric Career Development (GCD) program's class of 2016! The GCD program was launched in 2006 to train and support at-risk high school students from underserved areas get their academic careers back on track while building a knowledge base for positions in healthcare.  A sister program trains young adults 18-24 who are underemployed and out of school to become Home Health Aides. This year's GCD class-the largest in the 10-year-old program's history-is 59% Hispanic/Latino, 28% African-American and Caribbean, and 13% Asian and Pacific Islander, a diversity that reflects The New Jewish Home's location in one of the most ethnically rich cities in the country. Of the 75 graduates, 99% will start college in the fall having earned scholarships worth more than $1,200,000. Many plan to major in Biology, Nursing, Pre-Med and other subjects that will prepare them for professional lives in healthcare.

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