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The Green House® Project has received a two-year, $650,000 grant from the  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to fulfill its mission of redefining-and humanizing-long-term care in the United States.  

The Green House Project aims to end the institutionalization of older adults in America. Under this vision, all elders will have the opportunity to live in small, welcoming homes with dignity, autonomy, choice, and the best quality of life possible, while receiving the care they need.

The new RWJF grant will enable Green House Project leaders at the nonprofit Center for Innovation, which recently acquired the Green House trademark and intellectual property, to continue spearheading this movement. They will work with the leading Green House adopters to further refine the model while spreading it across the country.

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It's another first for  The Green House Project, as Rhode Island is welcomed in to the list of innovative states to offer a Real Home to elders who need skilled care.  Two of the homes opened in April and two opened in June.  48 Elders are now enjoying these homes!  

Steven J. Horowitz, president and CEO of Saint Elizabeth Community said in a statement, "This innovative model of care is a first for Rhode Island and these four homes represent an end to the moratorium that has been in place for over 25 years in RI on adding beds to the current nursing home system." 
To build these new skilled nursing homes, Saint Elizabeth Home responded to a request for applications from the Rhode Island Department of Health. Saint Elizabeth Home was one of three applications submitted to the Department of Health for beds that had been held in a pool for future use.  
It had been talked about for years...but last month The Green House Cottages of Belle Meade opened their doors.  The Paragould, Arkansas community and staff members moved all of the elders from their legacy building to the new homes in one day! 108 elders---no easy task, but it was done with big smiles and a real sense of satisfaction. 

Each home is named after a person  that had a special connection or impact on the Belle Meade community over the years- click here to read about those individuals.   
Congratulations to all involvement in the development!

Ground was broken in May, and   The Green House Village of Goshen homes are well on their way to being open in early 2018. 
Initially there will be three homes with a fourth slated for the development later. 

Two of the homes currently under construction will be skilled nursing and the third will be dedicated to short-term rehabilitation. Each home can accommodate 12 elders.The development is in Goshen, Indiana.  

The Green House (GH) model is a valuable investment of time and resources, and can yield incredible results.  As the only  evidence based culture change initiative, it has been proven, and together with  Green House adopters around the country, there is a responsibility to protect it.   The Model Enrichment Resource & Integrity Tool (MERIT) was developed in response to insights gained through research.  It is used as a tool to assess model integrity across all Green House homes.
MERIT Assessments
The term MERIT  (Model Enrichment Resource and Integrity Tool) is used to describe the GH model integrity process. However, MERIT is an umbrella term for several GH evaluation and assessment tools.
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Anne Ellett is a certified Nurse Practitioner (NP) with more than 20 years of experience in elder living and memory care, and served as Sr. Vice President with  Silverado Senior Living, an award-winning Assisted Living company specializing in dementia care.  Currently, Anne is owner/CEO of  Memory Care Support, LLC,a consulting agency working with senior housing professionals as they develop state-of-the-art health and wellness and memory care programs.

The Green House Project recognizes that providing a life affirming, dignified environment for elders living with dementia (ELWD) is imperative, especially given that over   80% of people living in long term care have some form of cognitive change.   Supporting these elders to thrive is a multifaceted process, and involves culture change.  Best Life is a new initiative, designed to support Green House teams, by building on the core values of  Real Home, Meaningful Life and Empowered Staff, and providing enhanced education that focus on principles such as:
  • Power of Normal - normalizing programs and environments
  • Integration with greater community
  • Celebrating retained abilities
  • Dignity of Risk
  • Age-appropriate interactions
  • Elder-directed, relationship-rich living
  • Advocacy
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Breanna with her grandparents_ Twylah and David Haun
The Green House model has added passion and purpose to my family in many ways. My grandparents, David and Twylah Haun, are Independent Living residents at  John Knox Village(JKV) and they were instrumental in bringing The Green House model to their community . We have had many great conversations about the model's potential over the years, and it has become close to my heart as well. Currently, I am pursuing my doctorate in Occupational Therapy at the University of Southern California (USC). When a professor challenged us to seek out opportunities and learn what it means to be a leader in healthcare, I immediately thought of my grandparents. This led to an exciting externship at The Woodlands at JKV

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