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GREAT NEWS FOR CALIFORNIA PROVIDERS: The Small House Pilot Program Extended to 2026!

Mt. San Antonio Gardens in Pomona, California started something when they opened the first two Green House homes in California in June 2013, they changed what was possible in California.

California legislators recognizing that traditional long-term regulations did not support a small house model enacted the Small House Skilled Nursing Facilities Pilot Program. New regulations have been written that enable innovation without obstacles. Initially approved through 2021 - the pilot program will now be extended to January 1, 2026.  

The Green House Project calls every organization interested in creating a real home, meaningful life and empowered work opportunities for the citizens of California to  contact us , and together we will forge a trail to a brighter future.

In recent years the board of trustees for the   Lima Convalescent Home has been working hard to create more private rooms for their elders.  

On April 6th that vision became a reality as they broke ground for two Green House homes that will provide beautiful homes with private bedrooms for 24 Elders AND will ultimately mean more private rooms in their existing nursing home.

The new homes will be called "  The Greens at Lima Convalescent Home" and will be part of their established community.

Hover Senior Living Community will soon be the site of Green House homes for 48 elders.  In late May, the weather cooperated in providing a beautiful backdrop for the groundbreaking ceremony.

The planning for these homes began five years ago and Hover President, Lisa Czolowski credited the community's volunteer board of directors for their dedication, saying, "This project couldn't have happened without them - it's really a labor of love."

"The Green House helps give
us tangible ways to live out our mission in the way we give care" - Deedre Vriesman, Resthaven CEO

On June 25, Resthaven team members celebrated the groundbreaking of their second Green House home, officially kicking off development of the Janssen Cottage.  In 2007 the Boersma Cottage opened at Resthaven for 10 elders.
In the opening session of our "Workforce" series,  Robyn Stone , Senior Vice President for Research at  LeadingAge  provides an overview of the demographics, trends, and challenges of the workforce in Elder care. Robyn begins by urging listeners that as providers, we must invest in our workforce to produce the high quality of care we are promising to Elders and families. Our sector will be the center of many jobs in the future and therefore, investing in our workforce is a key component to overall organizational success.

Given the broad and multidisciplinary nature of our field, our workforce meets at the intersection of the medical, social, and environmental sectors.

"For thousands of years, elders have been held in high esteem and involved in the community," says Steve McAlilly, CEO of  Mississippi Methodist Senior Services. As the world shifted and the role of elders changed, Steve sought a way to bring them back to a place of reverence and respect. 15 years ago, Steve courageously opened  the first Green House home in Tupelo, MS, effectively building a home where elders could live full and meaningful lives, "Within hours of moving in, a peace came over the home," Steve remarks.

roles to become the managers of the home. 

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The Eddy Village Green has implemented the Green House Best LIfe approach to memory care.  It is exclusive to Green House homes and it helps staff understand the complexities of dementia, to see each elder as a unique individual, and to connect them to an engaged life.

Joe moved into to   Eddy Village Green  (EVG) in early December 2017. His wife had been caring for him at home with great devotion for several years but was completely exhausted. They had four children who were all very involved and supportive of their parents. Joe moved in with the diagnoses of Parkinson's disease, dysphagia, delusions, adjustment disorder, anxiety, dementia and hallucinations.
Joe was came to EVG after a fall at home where he lost consciousness and spent several days in the hospital. Joe's biggest stressor in life was his retirement. Joe had a long career in law enforcement. His life was his career, and he was forced to retire due to his Parkinson's disease. His wife reported that he never made peace with his retirement. Two of Joe's sons were also in law enforcement.

Eddy Village Green

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