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July 2020
Hurricane Season Has Arrived! Are You Ready?

The hurricane season officially started on June 1st and will end on November 30th. The 2020 North Atlantic hurricane season is off to a historically fast start with already three named storms by early June. This year will mark the sixth consecutive year that a named storm has preceded the official start of hurricane season!

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Below are some helpful resources to assist you in creating a clear hurricane plan that can help your company minimize injuries and property damage and get back in business quickly following a storm:

Hawley & Associates wishes everyone safety this hurricane season. If you have questions about your insurance coverage or would like an insurance policy review, please  contact us!

Coverage Corner
Why Covid-19 Should Have You Rethinking Cyber Liability Insurance

In this day and age, organizations rely on computers, networks, and electronic data to complete essential tasks. With most companies implementing work-from-home guidelines due to the coronavirus pandemic, office staff are dependent on technology like never before. For organizations unfamiliar to the challenges of having staff work-from-home, there are dangerous cyber risks at play, such as hacking and data breaches, which can lead to costly damages for organizations trying to navigate these new waters.

Cybercrime is the fastest growing crime in the United States, and it's increasing in complexity and cost. In 2019, cybercrime costs businesses over $2 trillion, and by 2021, it is estimated to cost the world $6 trillion annually. Because of this, the team at Hawley and Associates work diligently to ensure our clients are fully protected against any unforeseen circumstances.

It's clear that cybercriminals have taken advantage of the opportunities presented by the pandemic and businesses are more likely to become victims as attacks quickly advance. Social engineering is a tool of deception currently being used that relies on manipulating human emotions to bypass our critical thinking - a game that cybercriminals play all too well. They exploit uncertain or emotional situations to manipulate people into taking actions they would typically refrain from.

Attackers have been reveling in the chaos the pandemic has created by taking advantage of employees working from home, without the technical protections that their organization's IT network usually provides. Additionally, many employees are working from their personal computers, often shared with family members, all while processing sensitive and potentially personally identifiable information (PII) without the extra security of managed endpoint protection. Many standard insurance policies are not intended to act in such dispersed environments, leaving policy holders less protected against wire transfer fraud and other attacks.


The loss, compromise or theft of electronic data can have a detrimental impact on a business, including the loss of customers and revenue. Businesses may also be liable for.....

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In This Issue
If you focus on the hurt, you will continue to suffer. 
If you focus on the lesson, you will continue to grow. 

July is National 
Ice Cream Month! 
Here Are 5 Fun Facts About Our Favorite Frozen Treat! 

1. One scoop of ice cream needs about 50 licks to finish. 

2. The average American eats 48 pints of ice cream each year!

3. Which explains why the USA is the world's leading producer of ice cream. 
4. Air is one of the main ingredients! It makes it lighter and smoother. 

5. The world's largest ice cream cone weighed 2204 pounds and was 13 feet tall. It was made in Gloucester, UK, in 2012
Welcoming Mary Moo! 
We are so excited to introduce the newest member of the Hawley family! Mary Moo joined our team in May 2020 and has taken on the role as our Enterprise Risk Management Assistant. 

Mary comes to us with 28 years of experience working in child welfare, while spending 11 of those years in an executive position with a nationally recognized non-profit adoption and child welfare organization. She has devoted the majority of her professional career to having a special focus on youth and children with special needs which continues to fuel her passion for children's issues and human services. 

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Mary loves to be in the beautiful outdoors either in her garden or on a hiking trial. If she's not outdoors, she's probably trying a new recipe in the kitchen with her husband and three kids! We are thrilled to have her here! Welcome aboard, Mary! 
Hawley Happenings

We're Now o n Instagram! 

We are so excited to branch out and connect with our clients and colleagues on a new platform. Follow us on Instagram to join along in the fun, get to know the Hawley Team and access more valuable information and resources right at your finger tips!

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Hawley & Associates Is Celebrating  15  Years! 
Our story began on August 11th, 2005, when our Founder and President, Phil Hawley, opened the doors of Hawley and Associates. We became the first brokerage in the country to serve exclusively adoption, foster care and social service agencies. Since then, we have continued to passionately serve the child welfare community, while having our expertise extend to all aspects of social service. We are honored and humbled to serve those who serve others, and we are looking forward to many more years of protecting your mission! 

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