Sent to: All Skål International Members.
Skål International
Virtual Annual General Assembly (AGA)
Saturday 17 October 2020, 16:00h (CEST)

With travel restrictions and health measures implemented due to the COVID-19 global pandemic,
Skål International will for the first time in its history execute a virtual Annual General Assembly in 2020.
It is a technical and operational challenge, but also a great opportunity for all accredited Skål International clubs worldwide to have a chance of participating.
On this occasion, while the meeting will be presided over by Skål International President, Peter Morrison, the Executive Board considers that a moderator is essential to the success of the virtual experience.

Jean-François Coté, Skål International Quebec and International Councillor Skål International Canada, has been appointed for this important role and we thank him for his willingness to participate.
Below are some details on the format and guidelines for the virtual Annual General Assembly of Skål International club delegates:
Skål International
Virtual Annual General Assembly (AGA)
Saturday 17 October 2020 at 16:00h CEST
(Central European Summer Time or Spain time).
Please check your local time here. 

The meeting is expected to last maximum three hours. The first hour and a half for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the other hour and a half devoted to the General Assembly subjects. 

The Agenda for the Annual General Assembly of
Skål International - which includes the annual and financial reports, as well as the candidates for election - is available by entering the Skål International website For Members’ area / Documents / Annual General
Assembly. (Log in requested).
The Annual General Assembly (AGA) will be conducted on Zoom Webinar and live streamed via the organisation’s YouTube channel.

Zoom Webinar has been chosen as it allows the moderator to maintain control, as well as offering a translation facility in the 3 official Skål International languages.

Zoom Webinar

Only accredited Skål International club delegates with the right to vote will be allowed to join the AGA on Zoom and be recognised to speak.

To avoid any security breach,
only the Skål International club voting delegates
will get the Zoom invitation link and they will be required to create a Zoom account, this way 'Only authenticated users can join'.

This is the only possible option from a technical point of view, as anyone registering to Zoom would have the possibility to vote, therefore, access can only be given to the voting delegates to ensure the correct voting procedure. 

The President and Secretary of every accredited Skål International club has been contacted and requested to submit the name and e-mail address of the club voting delegate(s) to compile the registration and credential list.

Once these data have been collected, each club voting delegate will get an email with the Zoom invitation link 48 hours before the AGA.

For security reasons, only the Skål International club voting delegate(s) will get the Zoom invitation link.
You will not be permitted to share the link with anyone to avoid any security breach. Access control will verify that the user requesting entry is entitled to do so based on the registered emails list.

Make sure you download and install the
Zoom application in your device.
YouTube Channel

The virtual AGA will be live streamed via the Skål International YouTube channel for all other members, including Past Presidents and International Councillors.

The instructions will be sent to all members 48 hours before the AGA.
The Annual General Assembly (AGA) will follow the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and is open to all members of Skål International.

Skål International club voting delegates will have access to the Zoom Webinar, while the meeting will be livestreamed on YouTube for all other observers.

Skål International clubs with two votes will have to appoint two delegates to vote on behalf of their club, as the Zoom polls do not offer multiple voting options by the same person. Voting delegates should preferably be the club President and/or the Secretary. If not possible, the President will have to confirm the name of the delegate(s) appointed.

The panelists on the Zoom Webinar will be the Skål International Executive Committee, the President of the International Skål Council and the CEO. The Auditors who are required to confirm the quorum and who will act as the Scrutineers together with Immediate Past President Lavonne Wittmann, the moderator, the staff and the translators will participate with the panelists.
The club voting delegate participates in the form of Zoom 'Attendee'. All microphones will be muted. In case of questions, delegates can raise their hand on the Zoom controls and when the moderator allows you to speak, you can unmute and talk. Maximum one minute will be allowed for each question on the Zoom. 

However, being a time limited meeting, it is required that any questions or comments from Skål International club delegates or participants on the YouTube be submitted in advance by e-mail
to Ana María Vera, from the General Secretariat,
by 12 October at the latest.
  • Participants on the YouTube may also direct their questions/comments to their Skål International club delegate(s). 
  • Questions and/or comments sent by e-mail after 12 October or during the AGA will not be addressed. 
  • Delegates may ask questions on the chat line, but only if there is time, will these be read out and responded. The chat line will be seen only by the panellists. 
  • If possible, ensure you have your photo on your profile as it will be shown on the screen when asking a question.
  1. Every registered and accredited Skål International club voting delegate will be entitled to vote at the Zoom AGM/AGA. 
  2. Before the voting starts instructions will be given as this is a very simple procedure. 
  3. Every report will require a vote to be accepted by club delegates. 
  4. The results for each vote will be shown on the screen and confirmed verbally. 
  5. The Scrutineers will be the two Auditors, Frans Staal and John Ruzich, as well as Immediate Past President Lavonne Wittmann, who will confirm the number of votes cast for each election and the result.
Simultaneous translation will be available on the Zoom platform in the three official languages, English, French and Spanish. 

We are looking at the possibility to see how it may be broadcasted in Spanish and French. If the broadcast in these languages could not be done, the AGM/AGA will be recorded in each language, then it will be uploaded to the YouTube channel and a communication will be sent to all so that they can watch it in each language.
Best Regards,
General Secretariat
Skål International
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