APRIL 22, 2020
Cast of Hamilton nailed it! Again.
The Broadway Musical Hamilton  boasts one of the most impressive trophy cases for a  musical ever , including a record breaking 16 Tony nominations, 11 of which it won, the Grammy for  Best Musical  Theater Album and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Lin-Manuel Miranda also won a MacArthur Genius Grant for his creating it.

This new release however is perhaps their best performance yet.
The Pickleball craze has been happening throughout the country for quite some time. Have you caught on? If not, this might not make much sense to you or make you smile as much as it did us. But for those of you PB Enthusiasts out there- oh how we want to dink with somebody. This is a MUST watch!
Oh Captain, My Captain.
If you haven't yet heard about 'Captain Tom', then you are in for a treat. After reading his story you can bet we will be getting up and moving every day.

A farm in Silicon Valley is offering remote workers around the world a way to break up the monotony of endless Zoom calls and video chats. You can now i nvite a llama or goat to your next corporate Zoom meeting or video call for under $100.
This parenting moment is brought to you by the letters H-E-L-P
Are you a parent or know someone who is struggling with explaining all of this social distancing and insane hand washing to children? Then this video is a must watch for you.  

We want these Neighbors.
While we all may have wanted to live in a neighborhood like the Brady's or have a neighbors as cool as the Seavers, nothing compares to this! We can officially say we have neighborhood envy now.
A Local Viral Sensation
This week one of our local Lakewood Ranch residents submitted a video to the newly emerged Facebook Group called "Bin Isolation Outings" With over 1 million members worldwide, this page started as a fun way to bring laughter and fun into our lives. This Gorilla video had its debut on their page but then took off on the TikTok application. So here it is again for your viewing pleasure....
Uber wants you to stay home
As our world continues to be impacted by social distancing and people staying home, one company that depends on us all traveling is Uber. Their organization is certainly hurting like many others. They however , are sending out this message.
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Lions spotted napping on road during Coronavirus Lockdown
Ready to have more fun at your next virtual meeting? Learn how to integrate the Snap Chat camera settings here. Learn more here.
Have you used Google Hangouts to connect?
As our world becomes more virtual by the minute, we recognize many of you will be using some of these tools for the first time.To help you navigate and use each tool better, we have create a few video tutorials. This week's video is on Google Hangouts. Have a Gmail or G-Suite account? Then this is a FREE tool you can use.
Let me see you SWAY!

This week we were challenged to a dance off. Not just any ordinary dance off but one that was of epic proportions. Now for those that know us, we don't take a dance challenge very lightly. So we enlisted some of our favorite fans, my Mom and Dad. Check out their moves.

To master your own moves, boogie on over to your app store and download Sway: Magic Dance. 
Sarasota, Florida
We are giving a HUGE WOW Shout Out to Knickole Barger, Owner of Knick's Tavern in Sarasota , Florida for being an incredible leader in her community. We absolutely love this story and what she has started. Thank you Knickole for starting a movement. We are in! 
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