JFYMO Launch!
This month we are launching Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Online (click HERE)! 
Although online training discussions started more than six years ago, this journey officially began in the fall of 2018 when Barry and I discussed the future of Reach Out Youth Solutions with our Board of Directors. The decision was unanimous…we should start down the road of creating an online experience to train and equip youth leaders in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry. Now, the product is here, and we are so excited! 

On October 11, we debuted JFYMO at the Texas Youth Conclave in Richardson, TX! The online portal for registration is open now for JFYMO in English! Spanish, Russian and Swahili translations are coming next month. And, through December 31, we are offering JFYMO for FREE to anyone who is the primary youth pastor/leader for their church or organization!
Although three years ago we believed that mentoring and training online had the potential of exponentially expanding our reach around the world through reduced printing cost and ease of accessibility, the pandemic has created an even greater desire and need for this product.

Mark Juma expressed it this way:

“The online training platform will propel the ministry to the next level. With [the reality of] movement restrictions due to the covid pandemic, online training will go a long way in complementing our already established face to face training opportunities.”
– Mark Juma, Reach Out Leadership Team Member, Africa

The Journey
From storyboarding with our videographer, Todd Slocum….
….to filming around the world….
….and finally completing our project with the phenomenal programmers at IngeniumPlus, we now are ready to offer this leadership training tool to the world!
What is it?

Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Online is a resource designed so that you can take six essential characteristics found in the ministry of Jesus Christ and apply them toward the goal of reaching and discipling the current younger generation of our world. Through JFYMO, you will experience training and mentoring through the lens of Reach Out’s 45+ years of international youth ministry experience. You will be taught by youth ministry professionals from around the world. And, you will have the opportunity to be coached by a seasoned mentor as you begin to implement the action plan(s) you create. The platform also contains testimonies from youth leaders, students, and parents from around the world who have been impacted by living out the Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry paradigm within their various cultures.
But I’m not a Youth Pastor

I get it! But there are still ways you can personally be involved in the JFYMO launch!

Option 1: You may not be a youth pastor or youth volunteer, but if you are reading this newsletter I bet you know someone who IS and who would greatly appreciate the fact that you thought of them and sent them this QR Code to a FREE youth ministry tool!
Option 2: We ask that you prayerfully consider financially supporting us as we: (1) add new languages to the platform, (2) introduce and develop leadership teams in new countries, and (3) provide the necessary support to successfully meet the needs of those who begin to use this new tool!

Option 3: You can go through JFYMO on your own, anyway! The six essential characteristics we teach are applicable to the life of any believer! Going deeper with Christ, praying with passion, living out God’s mission for you within the context of other believers, discipling others, impacting the culture around you through your life and witness, and looking for opportunities to share your faith are ALL reproducible characteristics in the life of a believer bringing glory to God.
Option 4: Pray for us as we begin to introduce many new people to Reach Out Youth Solutions and Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry! In addition to those who will discover JFYMO through various marketing outreach tools this fall, we are also adding two new African countries (Niger and Liberia), as well as the Central American country of Honduras, to our growing list of countries where leaders train and multiply out Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry!

Jeff Holloway (Reach Out’s new Country Leader for Honduras)

Though I am certainly thrilled to bring this online training to youth leaders, I think my enthusiasm pales in comparison to what I am hearing from our leaders around the world! 

“People will be jumping on this platform immediately!”
– Elio Martiz, Country Leader, Cuba
“It takes a long time to get where you need to go, but all the pastors have phones, this is so exciting!”
– Jeff Holloway, Country Leader, Honduras
“JFYM Online will be a HUGE help! It will be SUCH a huge push of new life into everything!”
– Pasha Koriakin, Country Leader, Russia
And more exciting news...

Click on the button to watch the video on Vimeo!
Obadiah Ogosi Sununu is with Edouard Laba and his new team leaders who are getting ready for the first upcoming forum in Niger. This is a new country Reach Out is launching into, so we appreciate your prayers and support to these team members as they influence the teenagers in that community.
Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us to bring Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry to villages, towns, and cities in the US and around the world? Just click the Give Now button below and you’ll be connected to our website for more information on how to give.
Jesus is Lord,