...and Lift OFF!
Any loose change you may have floating around stretches to the moon and back during the Hip Stitch Semi-Annual Clearance Sale.

All types of fabrics: prints, grunges, batiks, solids, knits, rayons, double gauzes and more.

Fabric as low as $1.99 a yard. All manufacturers: Alexander Henry, Art Gallery, Moda, Robert Kaufman, Windham and more. New fabrics added through out the sale, further mark-downs weekly.

Sale starts TODAY, Friday, July 19th at 9:00 a.m..

New inventory is arriving. We must clear . . . SPACE!

πŸš€Questions Mission Control is often asked . . .πŸš€
We anticipate you may have some more questions. Here are some answers:
How long is this sale going on?
Three glorious weeks!
Is everything in the store on sale?
Nope. We intend to clear space. We manage inventory by computer and turn it fast -- fresh fabrics, always. Slightly older, like day-old bread, is bargain priced.
Is everything 75% off?
Not at the start. There are 3 tiers of savings: 25%, 50% and 75%. Each week, we'll send fabric down to the next tier until all that's left is 75% off.
Why am I not seeing any frequent shopper points accumulate during this sale? Just a reminder, frequent shopper dollars are for regular priced items only. This is a sale (and a great one, at that!)
Why in the world are you doing this? Are you closing the store?
Of COURSE not, silly! We vow to keep only the freshest fabrics in the store.
If it's been here a year, it is time for it to clear.
No birthdays for bolts!
The ONLY reason to miss
the Semi-Annual Clearance Sale
If you're on the International Space Station (but still finding time to sew) you may have a proper excuse.

And even if you ARE on the ISS, you're only a couple hundred miles away! Make a day of it. Bring some friends. Get lunch at Relish or Le Chantilly.

Otherwise, don't miss the "out of this world" deals on fine fabrics and more.
🌎 Terra by P & B Textiles
When you return to Terra from the reaches of space where the prices are so light that they float, you'll want to take a look at our newest arrival -- Terra by P&B Textiles.

30 colorways of this beautiful, versatile tone on tone blender. We're in love! It is named after our home planet, and there's no place like home.

Kei & Molly
We're not supposed to call this re-issue of the retired "Crafter" towel from Kei and Molly an exclusive. They're reserving the right to sell it to other outlets. Right now, however, there is no other place on the planet to get it. So, it's not ours exclusively, you just can't get it anywhere else.

If you're not familiar with Kei and Molly and their good works, learn more here. We like the way they think and aspire to similar goodness ourselves.

Added bonus -- visit their retail store on Silver and you'll probably feel right at home. It was designed by local architect Sam Sterling, who also designed Hip Stitch!

Free class on film costume "aging"
New Mexico Film Office is offering up a special class/lecture on costume aging and dyeing on Saturday, July 20. Wynema Chavez Quintana and Amy Mann will be there to talk about what their job entails and how to get work in as a costume ager/dyer.

Central & Unser Library (8081 Central Ave. NW) from 10:30am to 1:30pm. Admission is free, but you need to  register  at Eventbrite (bit.ly/2G3IwyL) in order to guarantee a seat.

Butterflies and Geometrics Paradigm by Sarah Thomas for Hoffman Fabrics
Home Girl!
Sarah Thomas has her own new digitally printed collection by Hoffman.

Paradigm is the name, with brights and pastels woven together in motifs of geometrics that mimic a butterfly in flight and those intertwined with butterflies to bring the natural world into play.

Come see it, this single photo doesn't begin to do justice to this collection.

Other new arrivals:

  • Hoffman Digital Prints -- Dream Big "Leaves"; "Out of this World"
  • Sashiko thread and needles
  • Rolls of Katahdin -- get Jellyrolling!
  • 4 new rolls of Telio knits -- beautiful, avantgarde and so soft!
  • Effervescence by Robert Kaufman -- back in stock
  • New Brussels Washer linens
"The Professor" had the best of intentions...
"The Professor" is a smart guy, but he's not qualified to fix your little buddy.

The professor did his best with random boat parts & coconut shells. Nonetheless, after his three-hour tour your sewing machine is a bit of a shipwreck.

Jeremi is here to fix it right. No judgments. Just bring it in. You don't have to be a millionaire (or his wife), Jeremi's pricing is always fair.

You're not on an uncharted desert isle. Let Jeremi make your little buddy sew the way it's supposed to, without all those oddball, castaway parts.
Friday & Saturday, August 2nd and 3rd.
Meet the teachers, see the samples, learn about all the classes coming Aug-Oct.
Phase one: Solar Capture
Phase two: Class Lighting
πŸ’‘ Second phase: COMPLETEDπŸ’‘
You know we've gone solar, to cut our monthly bill (check our power production at the link below).

The second phase of this project was installation of LED light panels in the classroom.

The even, flat light they emit doesn't have harsh shadows around your machine or work area. The light is both soothing and illuminating.

More importantly, it's perfectly color balanced at 5000 degrees Kelvin -- the color of average daylight.
Moreover, it's consistent from the shop floor to the classroom and in Tisha's studio, too. That consistent lighting in every portion of the building allows you to do your best color matching between theme fabrics, blenders, backer and binding fabrics and thread.

With a color rendering index that rivals task lights specifically made for quilters, you won't find a store that gives you more to make your next project your best one. We think you and your projects are worth it.

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