Public Site (Bid Details):
Bids Module

The following fields from the Bid Details tab have been added to the Export Search Column for reporting:

  • Estimated Total Contract Value
  • Estimated Annual Contract Value
  • Time-Frame for Delivery
  • Negotiation Type
  • Condition for Participation
  • Award Amount (bid details tab when status Awarded)
  • Actual Annual Value
Bids Module - CSV Imports

  • When importing a CSV file in the eBids tab, there is now a limit of 2000 rows per file.
  • You can now import CSV files with commas in the headers.
Bids Module - Bid Checklist

The Bid Checklist (in Bid Details) now includes the following fields:

  • Bid Classification
  • Bid Type
  • Procurement Method
  • Time Frame for Delivery or Duration of the Contract
Bids Module - Submit a Question

Issue fixed where vendor submitted questions were coming in out of order.
Bids Module - Addenda

Addendum Email Wizard will now look for both plan takers and team members. If there are no plan takers but there are team members, you will have the ability to send the addenda e-mail to the team members.

Previously the system did not allow you to send an addenda e-mail if there are no plan takers.
Contracts Module

Insurance Export Report - Purchasing Representatives and Contract Administrators have been added to this report.
Contractor Performance Module

New Section on Dashboard for Expired Performance Evaluations:
Contractor Performance Module

New Field when setting up Performance Evaluations: Number of Days for a Vendor to Respond or Contest.

If the vendor does not respond/contest within the specified number of days, the system will automatically set the status to Completed.
Contractor Performance Module

You now have the ability to edit performance evaluations from the Dashboard:
Vendor/Public Portal

The system will send the vendor a confirmation e-mail if they had submitted a no-bid response.
Vendor/Public Portal

If the agency is only accepting Hard Copy bids, the "Submission Name Column" in the public portal will be removed:
Vendor/Public Portal

If a vendor clicks to register for a bid after the registration deadline has passed, the system will display this new pop-up window stating:
Vendor/Public Portal

New Field on the Create Account page and Vendor Profile:
Vendor/Public Portal

After November 5th, instead of individual new bid notification e-mails, vendors will receive a list of curated new bid notifications once per day at 11:00 p.m. EST.
Various performance and reported user interface bugs have been fixed.