To my Sisters and Brothers,

While we are in the midst of uncertain times, one thing is certain - Jesus Christ.  We care about you, your families, your future and those you serve. I am available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. My episcopacy is to walk with you. 

We hav e a list of resources to help you through this time and are preparing more. One item of priority is the fiscal health of the clergy, churches and staff. We do not know how the effects of smaller services and the suspension of services will affect you over the coming weeks. I know you have staff and vendors to pay. 

Thus, I have appointed a committee from the Board of Trustees to address these issues and come up with a path forward. They include:

1.      Short and long term loans without bureaucratic delays.
2.      Medical Benefits and premiums.
3.      Pension premiums and payments.
4.      Working with the Episcopal Church and CPG to provide direct access to services.
5.      Streamlined access to services. There is good information on our web site page a nd we can assist churches with getting whatever information they may need.

We continue to provide resources for online giving. (Contact Betsy Ivey, or Jen Tucker, for info.)

As a Church, we are seeking paths to alleviate this burden on you so that you can engage prayerfully and pastorally with the faithful. We are continually responding and attempting to be proactive. We will walk through this desert together and at the end, we will be a stronger, more loving and faithful diocese. God bless you.  

Your brother in Christ,
The Rt. Rev. Daniel G. P. Gutiérrez
XVI Bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania
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