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Director of Government Affairs
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C: 515-686-1066

Week 10: March 16, 2018
1.   Tax Reform Monitoring, UNCHANGED
·         SF2383 :Tax Reform-- OPPOSE
·       Passed out of Senate on a 29-21 vote
·       Would increase taxes on Credit Union but cuts $1.2 billion in taxes over 5 years
·        HSB671 : Governor's Tax Bill-- UNDECIDED
·       Does NOT increase taxes for Credit Unions but cuts $1.7 billion in taxes over 6 years
·       Total State budget is ~$7 billion

2.   Future Ready Iowa: HF2458 —Support, UPDATED
·        SF2327 attached to HF 2458
·        Goal: strengthen workforce development
·        Establishes registered apprenticeship development program, a volunteer mentoring program, a summer youth intern program, summer post-secondary courses for H.S. students aligned with high-demand career pathways, an employer innovation fund, and future ready Iowa skilled workforce scholarship and grant programs and funds
·        Several amendments allow for students in neighboring states to be eligible in addition to Iowans-- local community colleges will also be able to help define high-demand jobs

2.   Utility Matters: SF2311 —Monitoring, UPDATED
·      Reassigned subcommittee
·      Amendments: Took out section 17 that would have codified existing practices for rate differentiation

3.   Relating to Water Quality: HF2440 —Monitoring, UNCHANGED
· Passed out of committee
·      Strikes a requirement for drainage districts to use edge-of-field infrastructure

4.    Deappropriations: SF2117 Monitoring, UNCHANGED: UNFINISHED BUSINESS
·        House side supports cuts of ~$33 million, Senate side ~$44 million
·        Placed on calendar as unfinished business on 2.15.18

The Revenue Estimating Conference (REC) met last Friday, March 9th, and increased estimated FY 2018 General Funds by $33.3 million, over the December estimate- this takes into account federal tax policy changes.

On Monday, March 12th, Senator Bill Dix (Senate Majority Leader) resigned.
On Wednesday, March 14th a caucus vote decided the following:
Senate Majority Leader: Sen. Jack Whitver
Senate President: Sen. Charles Schneider
Majority Whip: Sen. Amy Sinclair
Assistant Majority Leader: Sen. Jake Chapman

The special election for Senator Dix's seat (Senate District 25) will be held on Tuesday, April 10th. Details from the Governor's office HERE . Annette Sweeney resigned from her USDA state position as Director of Rural Development to run for this seat- details HERE .

This week was the legislature's 2nd funnel.
For bills to continue they must have the following accomplished by yesterday (Thursday):
1) Passed by subcommittee
2) Passed by committee
3) Passed by chamber (Senate or House) and moved to other chamber
4) Passed in subcommittee of other chamber (where it did not originate)
5) Passed by committee of other chamber
6) Some committee bills are exempt from the 2nd funnel: Appropriations, Ways and Means and Government Oversight

As an election year, this legislative session is planned for 100 days, which would end Tuesday, April 17th. The general push from legislators is to finish in 90 days, so the end is quickly approaching.

It's not all work and no play at the capitol! The picture above is Katie Hall and Matt Blake (lobbyist for LeadingAge Iowa ) on the rotunda. Matt raised over $1,500.00 for Variety Children's Charity and his contributors voted for him to wear this suit for the day.

1.      Tax Reform: Sect. 199A Monitoring, UPDATED
·        NCFC and NGFA create joint proposal is HERE
·        Sens. Grassley, Hatch, Roberts, Hoeven & Thune statement HERE
·        Some Democrats opposed to changing 199A, but it is an election year
·        All signs point to making it retroactive in next omni, March 23rd

2.      Farm Bill: Monitoring, UPDATED
·        This week the Farm Bill draft’s release date was pushed back by House Ag. Committee Chairman, Michael Conaway of Texas: More info HERE
·        B ipartisan disagreements regarding the Nutrition Title
·        P rioritized small portion handling broadband: The Rural Development Title
·         This was expected to cost $218 million in a five-year span

Want to speak with your federal representatives?
D.C. office numbers and e-mail addresses below (for ag policy. 

Sen. Chuck Grassley: 202-224-4120 (Andrew Brandt: andrew_brandt@grassley.senate.gov)
Sen. Joni Ernst: 202-224-3254 (Michael Dolch: michael_dolch@ernst.senate.gov)
Rep. Rod Blum: 202-225-2911 (Kelsey Griswold: kelsey.griswold@mail.house.gov)
Rep. Dave Loebsack: 202-225-6576 (Will Collier: will.collier@mail.house.gov)
Rep. David Young: 202-225-5476 (Steph Carlson: stephanie.carlson@mail.house.gov)
Rep. Steve King: 202-225-4426 (Matt Meiners: matt.meiners@mail.house.gov)

Have a wonderful weekend,