CMO March 16 Coronavirus Update
March 16, 2020
Hello again to patients and parents, 

Thank you for bearing with us and staying safe during this COVID outbreak. We have changed some of how the office is functioning this week to make sure to limit the number of patients in the office, limit the possibility of exposing well children to sick children, and caring for everyone who does need to come to the office. 

A few important details

  1. There are NO WALK IN VISITS. It is very important that you do not just walk in. This increases risk of illness. Call first! 
  2. Please BE TRUTHFUL with the screening questions. We will still offer you a visit if needed but we have procedures in place to reduce possible virus transmission. Truthfulness = Safety!
  3. If you are coming to the office for sick or well visits, DO NOT BRING additional siblings or family members! Patients can be accompanied in the building by a SINGLE parent or guardian. 
  4. There will be no Sunday visits for the time being. We will let you know when these visits resume.

Good news! We are hoping to be able to offer Telehealth visits very soon. In order to take advantage of these visits, however, you must be on MyChart! Sign up today. 

Reassuringly, children and adolescents continue to have extremely favorable outcomes and tend to be handling this virus without significant illness. 

Please continue to observe social distancing. This will reduce the number of us that become seriously ill, and will get all of us back to school, work, and socialization faster. Social distancing means staying away from people outside your family. Do NOT have playdates, birthday parties, sleepovers. Avoid going to the supermarket, Starbucks, or restaurants. Please DO go outside, enjoy the delightful (almost) spring weather and say hello to your neighbors from at least 6 feet away. 

Stay healthy and as always reach out if you have questions. 

The providers and staff at CMO

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