Dear DMFAH Community,
During these times when the world seems to look like a surreal Salvador DalĂ­ painting, we hope that this letter finds you safe at home as the whole nation is preparing to flatten the curve in anticipation for COVID-19.

DMFAH will be closing its museum doors on Friday March 20, 2020 in order to encourage people to stay safe and to self-quarantine. The Museum will be closed for the next six weeks after which time we will re-evaluate and make further decisions per the guidance and directives from the Danville City Government, the Virginia Department of health (VDH) at and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) at . what the next steps might be.

DMFAH wants you to know however that it has not forgotten its community and that we will continue to focus on our Museum summer and fall programming. At this time the Museum will continue to serve and support our community in the following way:
  1. Serve as a support platform to members, volunteers, historians, artists, performers and creatives, to provide feedback on Social Media sites regarding decisions that are likely to have a significant community impact (Program cancellations/postponement dates and other announcements will be available)
  2. Identify and support creative social virtual gatherings and other activities that promote a close and supportive spirit of community for the members and volunteers who work at the Museum and their families. We are currently updating our DMFAH website to keep you informed on all that is happening during the shutdown period.
  3. Help maintain our fundamental sense of community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maintaining Community during the Pandemic:  During the DMFAH shutdown we hope to continue offering a dynamic interface of virtual programming that will enable people to home-in and interact around topics of interest.

Please visit our website at
And see us on FB, Twitter and Instagram at: #DanvilleMuseum @DanvilleMuseum

Yours in community,
Elsabé Dixon, ED
DMFAH staff
DMFAH Board of Directors