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Middle Schoolers Given Greater Voice with Student Senate 
Students from every advisory class across all three grade levels at Stratford and Jay Stream have been elected to their school's Student Senate. Student Senators meet with their school's principal to discuss issues affecting them, which this year have included offering their perspective on discipline and dress code.

I applaud our middle schools for creating Student Senates to give students a greater voice in their schools. In addition, select Student Senators also serve on my Superintendent's Advisory Council, where students discuss district-wide issues with me.
Click the image below for a video to learn more about how CCSD93's middle school students have been given a greater voice in their schools!
Students & Staff #CelebrateStratford
On Wednesday night, Stratford Middle School held its first ever #CelebrateStratford night! I was pleased to be able to attend the event, which focused on celebrating the elements that make each Stratford student and staff member unique.
Among the featured activities and exhibits were a country of origin map for guests to identify where they called home, a NaNoWriMo Club table featuring full novels written by Stratford students, a Pride Club table, a performance by the Indian Student Association from Glenbard North, a graffiti wall for for individuals to explore their diverse identities, Stratford Band student performances, informational slideshows, and more! The event was sponsored by Stratford's Excellence & Equity Committee. Click the photo above to a link to even more images from the event.
Announcing 8th Grade Graduation Dates... 
CCSD93 Staff Members Contribute Relief for Families in Need
CCSD93's staff members held a fundraiser to provide a small amount of relief to families of our students whose homes were recently affected by a fire within our community. I'm so proud of our staff members for stepping up to contribute a combined $1800, which was distributed evenly among the families in gift cards.
Buildings & Grounds Staff Members Honored for Commitment During Extreme Weather
School Board President Keith Briggs visited our Buildings and Grounds Department this week, where he presented the six Department members with Board Salutes and a luncheon for their commitment during the extreme weather conditions earlier this winter. As Mr. Briggs pointed out, their dedication to coming in to work while nearly everyone else in our state stayed home helped to prevent any major building issues and allowed us to open our doors the day the extreme cold began to subside. Thank you to the following gentlemen, who are pictured above:
  • Peter Davia
  • Steve Drwal
  • Arturo Guzman
  • Artemio Juarez
  • Jerry Mlodzianowski
  • Tony VerPlancke
Click the image to watch them receive their awards!
3/21 Board of Education Meeting Recap
The most recent CCSD93 Board of Education meeting was held Thursday, March 21 at CCSD93's District Office. The following occurred at the meeting.
  • CCSD93 Assistant Superintendent for Teaching, Learning & Innovation Dr. Marie Hoffmann  presented about middle school related arts courses in CCSD93.
  • Dr. Hoffmann also presented about CCSD93's middle school math curriculum.
  • The Board reviewed its new, interactive self evaluation tool.
  • Associate Superintendent Dr. David Hill and Director of Community Relations Ryan McPherrin presented about the plans for CCSD93's 2019 Summer Lunch Program.
  • The Board received an updated from Dr. Hill and Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Cathy Brennan on the Employee Benefit Interest Free Loan programs and voted to continue offering them to staff for the 2019-20 school year.
  • The Board reviewed employee work year calendars.
  • The Board voted on the approval of an extension to CCSD93's landscaping contract.
  • There was a public hearing regarding CCSD93's reduction in workforce.
No School for Spring Break Next Week, 3/25-3/29 
There will be no school next week, March 25-29, for spring break.

Enjoy spring break!


Bill Shields, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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