As a Main Street, our whole model is built on proven tools for rebuilding and revitalizing. When we started in 2014, our district was blighted. Within a few short years, together we built our community into the thriving place it is.

So yes, right now we face unprecedented challenges. But we also have the great advantage of being a strong community, where neighbors help neighbors and many of you are committed to helping us with our Main Street work. We want you to know that we will continue our Main Street best to get you to the resources you need. Our goal is to recover together, and stronger than ever.

The CARES Act, signed into law yesterday, provides economic relief for businesses and individuals. Some of the highlights:


• Additional unemployment insurance benefits: $600/week for 4 mos. + 13 weeks until 12/31/20 after state UI runs out + extends to self-employed, independent contractors & employees with limited work history

• Recovery rebates of $1200 single/$2400 joint plus $500/child

• Other tax relief on early withdrawal of retirement and charitable tax deductions


Paycheck p rotection : L oans available up to $10 million (based on 250% of payroll) and those loans will forgiven if used directly for payroll, group healthcare benefits, mortgage interest, rent, and utilities. Click here for a short video explaining this.
Application of these loans will go through our regional SBA office. Call 813-905-5800 or email USF@Florida We will post links when they become available.

• 50% refundable payroll tax credit on wages paid up to $10,000 during the crisis.

• Delay of employer-side Social Security payroll tax payments (may be delayed until 1/1/21, with 50% owed 12/31/21 and remaining 50% owed 12/31/22)

•Expanded net interest deduction

Stay tuned to our Facebook page , where we will continue to post webinars and links with helpful guidance on these benefits.

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One of our latest projects to respond to the COVID crisis is a new collaboration with the FDOEA (Florida Dept. of Elder Affairs). We are partnering with them to provide meals to the elderly, while bringing additional revenue to our restaurants. This is a contract-based opportunity, restaurants must meet eligibility requirements, and then sign vendor agreements to provide the meals. We have already signed up to facilitate this process. Eligibility criteria will be provided to us next week, which we'll send out to our district restaurants.
Because the need for blood donations will be at a critical level here in the next few weeks, we are coordinating an EDGE District blood drive with One Blood.

The Big Red Bus will be in the district at a date TBA between April 1-10 – we're awaiting confirmation and will update you via email and social media.

Who should donate? All those who are not ill or experiencing symptoms are encouraged to donate blood.

Will this be a safe environment for donors? YES. One Blood follows very stringent CDC guidelines to maintain a safe, sanitized environment, which includes screening donors, required social distancing both in and outside of the bus, disinfecting between donations, and other measures.

Does COVID-19 contaminate the blood (for example, if a donor is infected but shows no symptoms and doesn't know it)? NO. There is no evidence that the virus is transmitted by blood, and in general, respiratory viruses are not known to be transmitted by blood.

Stay tuned for the date of the drive!
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What is your business doing to connect with customers online, or otherwise through social distancing?

What services or specials might you be offering to our first responders, front line health care workers, military, children, elders, or other vulnerable populations?

What other creative ways has your business been responding to the crisis? Please let us know so we can share with our social media!
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