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Week 12: March 30, 2018
1.   Tax Reform Monitoring, UPDATED
·        Waiting on joint budget targets to move forward
·        SF2383 :Tax Reform-- OPPOSE, Passed out of Senate on a 29-21 vote
·       Would increase taxes on Credit Union but cuts $1.2 billion in taxes over 5 years
·        HSB671 : Governor's Tax Bill-- UNDECIDED
·       Does NOT increase taxes for Credit Unions but cuts $1.7 billion in taxes over 6 years
·       Total State budget is ~$7 billion

2.    Telephone Property Tax: SF2388 Support, UPDATED
·      Passed out of Senate on 39 to 8 vote with amendment S5189: would delay portions of implementation by 3 years
·      Would change property tax structure for telephone companies from an outdated unit valuation to an assessment mechanism that is neutral, competitive, simple & consistent

3.    Deappropriations: SF2117 Monitoring, UPDATED
·       Signed into law by the Governor on Wednesday, March 28th
·       CUTS: Regents ($10.933million/MM); Community Colleges ($500,000); Judicial Branch ($1.6MM); DHS ($4.32MM); DOC $3.4MM; DOE ($784,000); DPH ($625,000).
·       Includes $10MM transfer from the Skilled Worker fund to the General Fund

4.   Relating to Water Quality: HF2440 —Monitoring, UNCHANGED
· Passed out of committee
·      Strikes a requirement for drainage districts to use edge-of-field infrastructure

The Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) Director, David Jamison, was fired at the end of last week by Governor Reynolds. Ron Corbett was 8 signatures short of the 4,005 needed to run in the Republican gubernatorial primary against Gov. Reynolds.

Senate 25 race is on. Annette Sweeney (R) will face Tracy Freese (D) in the special election on April 10th. The winner will serve until the next General Assembly in 2019.

1.      Tax Reform: Sect. 199A Monitoring, UPDATED
·       Made retroactive to January 1st, 2018 in the omnibus vote on 3.23.18
·       Winners and losers of the modified 199A described HERE

2.      Farm Bill: Monitoring, UPDATED
·        Sec. Perdue releases USDA's Farm Bill & Legislative Principles for 2018: HERE
·        E xpected to cost $218 million in a five-year span

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