Issue No. 101
March 4, 2020
Judge Maldonado Thinks Tuesday Really was Super
Judge Julia Maldonado easily dispatched her opponents to win the Democratic nomination without a runoff for the 507th District Court. The final results were:

Julia Maldonado    146,010    59%
Sonny Phillips    55,908   23%
Robert Morales  45,786    18%

Alyssa Lemkuil will be the Republican nominee for the 507th, so we get a rematch of the 2016 election for this court.

The 507th Associate Judge Jim Evans lost his bid to be Democratic nominee for the Chief Justice of the 14th Court of Appeals.

Some names on the ballot were familiar to family law attorneys. Former Judge James Lombardino will be in a runoff for the GOP nomination for Justice on the First Court of Appeals. Former Judge Sheri Dean will be the Republican nominee for the 133rd Civil District Court in Harris County. Dan Lemkuil won his primary to be the nominee for the 334th Civil District Court.

In other races in Harris County, District Attorney Kim Ogg and Sheriff Ed Gonzalez won without runoffs. Christian Dashaun Menefee beat County Attorney Vince Ryan.

Democratic turnout for this primary far exceeded the Republican vote because of the heated race for President. Compare the primary turnout numbers for Harris County this year to 2016 and remember the Democrats swept Harris County in 2016.

Votes cast in Presidential Race:

Democratic  321,903
Republican 192,855

Democratic 222,683
Republican 327,046

2020 will be the first year without straight ticket voting in Texas. But, 2020 is going to be a huge Democratic year in Harris County because of the disgust with Trump. We simply do not know how the elimination of straight ticket voting will affect judicial races far down the ballot. I predict the Democrats running for judge this year will still win in Harris County.

Click here for final Democratic results in Harris County.
Click here for final Republican results in Harris County.
Click here for Fort Bend County election results.
Click here for Montgomery County election results (click "results" box)
Click here for Galveston County election results.
Click here for Brazoria County election results.

Click here for a quick summary of the Democratic race for the President and Super Tuesday results nation-wide. It will come down to a Joe Biden vs. Bernie Sanders contest.
I may not win every case (even if in my heart I expect to). I just want an efficient system in which my client gets a fair hearing before a judge who works hard, knows the law, and does not play favorites. I also expect judges to appoint qualified amicus attorneys who zealously look after children (and who actually personally visit their minor clients in their homes). Is that asking too much? Stay tuned.
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