Volume 52
March 24, 2021
Snapshots, For the Better
  • 3 C's
  • Baseline analysis
  • Discovery questions
  • Spending vs. Investing
  • Marketing Mix Evolution
  • Co-Creation
During the 2nd year of developing Practice Growth Insights, our progressive journey will be intently focused on the nexus of our 3 C’s:

  • Concepts
  • Content
  • Coaching

Conceptually, we must mutually invest time to thoroughly discuss and understand your Grassroots Educational Marketing (GEM) baseline. By drilling down on essential discovery questions, we can skillfully map out customized strategies and tactics which productively achieve S.M.A.R.T. goals. While prospecting in this realm, diagnosing key facets guides practice-branded treatments.
From our experience, objectively answering these types of discovery questions uncovers unique GEM’s:

  • Which current initiatives consistently stimulate practice growth and which do not? 
  • Either way, what lessons do your real-world data points teach us?
  • What frequently sensed opportunistic cues elicit excitement?
  • How can your competitive advantages be strategically promoted in high integrity ways?
  • Your market area’s competitive landscape can be insightfully described as?
  • Therapeutic areas your talented team would like to expand are? 
Enthusiastic brainstorming on these queries is a worthy pursuit. As you articulate insights on intuitive building blocks, we are engaged and empathetic listeners. Those who know us best, know this well.

Shall we distinguish between spending and investing? In contrast to spending money on office supplies, utilities and rent, we invest in talented teams, professional development and grassroots educational marketing programs, each with positively trending impact measured over months and years, not days.

As potential marketing pathways are compared and selected, their opportunity costs should be assessed.
In clinical terms, a patient’s budget may determine their choice between potential solutions. Similarly, instead of spending on traditional marketing approaches with diminishing marginal returns, best practices invest in research-based solutions. From this vantage point, proven winners make good business sense.
“You can observe a lot by just watching.”
— Yogi Berra
Led by collective practice and market intelligence, we sense optimal marketing mixes have rapidly evolved over the years. While each scenario is distinct with this inexact science, contrast a mix of traditional approaches vs. those shifted to maximize best practice’s benefits. Industry leaders consistently capitalize on agile decisions and omni-channel resource allocations which model high-performance growth plans.
Please note:

  • Although Senior Living Communities investment is currently shown as zero in our Best-Practices chart on the right due to visitation restrictions, pent-up demand presumes future upside potential.

  • Approximately 75% of patient flow often relates to friends and family or medical referrals as indicated in survey below.

In concept, driven by informative evaluation, you decide which customized marketing pathways are the best fit. After all, if we do not define growth directives, how can action steps be consistently aligned?

Typically, 2 Key Ways to get started are Friends & Family, as well as Medical Referrals.

In practice, consistently achieving S.M.A.R.T. goals requires team effort, with Co-Creation a driving force. As we define it: “A business strategy driven by collaborative enthusiasm, deeper engagement and interactive progress. Co-creation rewards more active involvement from the practice to empower value-rich outcomes.”

In aspiring to Get Better at supporting your team to do so, we are eager to learn from important feedback you contribute via this brief survey. In appreciation, the first 25 practices that respond will receive a $25 credit towards their next investment in customized educational materials.

Having discussed the first of our 3 C’s, Concept, next week’s issue will focus on Content which makes High Definition Impressions on those you seek to serve. In Sight. In Mind. On Purpose.

Coming soon to a Practice Growth Insights near you.
Bruce Essman
High Definition Impressions (HDI)

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