3 Challenges for a Product Launch

Calling all Marketing and Operational Managers...Let's face it - if you have  ever planned a product launch you know that there are way more than three challenges to creating an effective launch. However, for this article let's focus on the Vision, Venue and Villainy

The first step is to create a vision for your launch. Determine the product(s) that will be featured and then build a vision around that product line. 
  • Who is the intended user?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • How does it make their life easier/better/faster?
  • How is it different from the competition?
  • Why buy from you?
When you take the time to step into the end-user's shoes and view the product from their perspective, it will help you create a vision for the product launch that will engage, entice and inspire your prospects to make a purchase. 

Additionally, you will need to answer a few key questions about the event itself:

What type of event will it be?
  • multiple days
  • evening function
  • vendor fair with educational elements
How many people are you expecting to attend?
Will there be entertainment?
Is there an hands-on opportunity for product testing?
Will there be opportunities for immediate purchase?
Is there a "show" discount available?

Once you have determined the vision for your product launch, you now have to bring the vision to life and that leads us to our second "V" - Venue.


While the professionals at E&E Exhibit Solutions aren't in the business of helping you source an actual location, they are the Number One Vendor when it comes to taking that venue and building an ENVIRONMENT that will showcase your products. Check out our portfolio of event environments for just a sample of how we take an empty venue and turn it into a branded oasis! We help with:
  • Creating a visual experience from the moment attendees enter the venue
  • Building in a planned traffic pattern to guide attendees 
  • Creating product focal points - demonstration areas
  • Designing and building a stage area for keynote presentations
  • Incorporating the brand and product into every element of the venue from the flooring to the hanging signs. 
Our design experts are creative thinkers. They work with clients to design an event that ticks off all the boxes of color, brand, experience and take-aways so that your attendees will be fully immersed in your company message. And should an unexpected challenge arise, the experts at E&E Exhibit Solutions will help squash those villains threatening your success.


Let's face it - there are going to be problems that crop up. If you have ever seen the classic movie Gremlins, you know that even the sweetest of attendees can turn on you. The best way to overcome the villains or unexpected challenges is to be prepared for the worst. They say "plan for the worse and hope for the best." 

In Harvard Business Review, James Packett explains the "common trap" of product launches: Expect[ing] things to go well simply because they usually [do]." In product launch, there are no laurels upon which to rest. There is only progress to achieve. Preparing for product launch disaster is one of the best ways to avert it.
One of the many benefits of working with E&E Exhibit Solutions is that we have "been there, and done that." We have been in business for well over 20 years and in the course of that time we have experienced and overcome some pretty amazing challenges! We can help you with whatever "villains" attempt to mess with your event.
One Key Solution -  Delegation

The best way to ensure a successful product launch is to engage with an experienced vendor that can help guide the process. In a B iz Journal article by Julie Cohen, we learn the value of delegation. She says:

"Delegation enables me to focus on the work that is most appropriate for me to do, using my skills and talents fully, while asking others to take on tasks that can give them more experience and opportunities to contribute."
Delegation is the key to creating any successful event without loosing too much sleep. You delegate all that is outside your genius. Whether that means bringing other company department leaders into the mix or hiring outside help, delegation is one of the best ways to be successful.

E&E Exhibit Solutions┬« can help.  Give us a call.  
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