February 2018
Is Your Event Strategy On Trend?
3 Corporate Event Trends for 2018

Executing a successful corporate event is more than just having a great venue and tasty food; it requires elements that offer tangible business take-aways, opportunities to network and memorable moments.

What can you do to make your corporate event stand out in the minds of your attendees? Following are three trends for 2018:

1. Unplug. Contrary to our normal daily way of life, one of the trends for this year is to provide your attendees with the opportunity to unplug from their technology and be truly transformed by your event. 

We are so accustomed to being tethered to our smart devices that the opportunity to put them away and truly engage, learn, network and experience the moment is a gift that will be appreciated and remembered. 

Consider having part or all of your event a device-free experience. 

2. Hallway connections. For those of you that attend corporate meetings and events on a regular basis, you know that often the best learning takes place in the bar, the lobby or the hallway between keynote speeches. We learn from our peers, make great business connections and have the opportunity to build our network during the brief moments of downtime. 

However, the challenge with most corporate events is that the schedule is jam-packed with speeches, breakout sessions, vendor fairs and panel discussions. Consider this year scheduling in the opportunity for round table discussions, open mic questions with leaders and peer-to-peer networking. It is a great way to build teams across the country and to share best practice experience for the betterment of the entire audience. 

3. Virtual Reality. Contrary to the first trend, consider the use of Virtual Reality (VR) experiences and presentations for your next corporate event. It could be used by presenters or offered as part of the trade show component for individual participants. In an article by Will Curran he offers these VR trends for 2018:

  • Allow virtual speakers to take the stage. A 3-D visualization adds a certain depth to the speaker's virtual presence.
  • Create virtual meeting places and let virtual attendees actively participate in discussions and the event journey.
  • Host digital hangouts that add a new dimension to networking and interaction. These hangouts can be accessed at any time during the event to engage other participants, speakers, and virtual audiences right from your device.
E&E also created a touch screen VR experience that allows viewers to move through a 360 degree screen. Check out the VR video production below. 

E&E Exhibit Solutions professionals can help you communicate your corporate message, support your product merchandising and spotlight your guest speakers. Professionally designed graphics effectively keep your primary message on display. Leave the planning of your next corporate event to the experts!

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