3 day Training
Group Psychotherapy and Sociometry

A Call to Adventure
for Personal and Professional Growth

Friday, Oct. 1, 1 - 7, Sat. Oct. 2, 9:30 - 7 & Sun Oct. 3, 10 to 2

2021 Live in Bow, Washington

Wanting and energy is strong in the summer, and this urgency moves us into Fall, propelling us forward. Life is an Adventure, and we feel this inner necessity to follow the call. Fall is a time of building competencies, increasing our capabilities for forward movement on our chosen path.

In our Rehearsals for Living trainings we first warm up to one another, establishing a place of safety and trust for our Group Adventure. You can't get very far without willing and known companions. This relational piece is key and well attended to. It's the art and science of exploring social connections and disconnections, we call this Sociometry.

From action explorations, and from living, we know that our body feels the complexity of each situation. Resourcing the wisdom of the body is part of what helps us find ourselves on our own path. This trauma informed work honors the wisdom stored in the body. We attune to what is, and work with what is possible as we address old trances and open up new connections.

We will increase our intentionality on this journey by identifying our starting points, naming and examining obstacles, exploring possibilities and engaging in changing what can be changed. We honor integrating the changes that come.

Along the way we study and make use of the theories and practices developed by J.L. Moreno, the Father of Psychodrama, including Role Theory, Spontaneity/Creativity, Sociometry and Action Methodologies.

This training offers psychodrama as a therapeutic ritual of change, and co-creative experiential group methods that foster growth. Finding our way, our passage, between the forces of change and our need for stability is a hard won miracle. There will be time for reflection as well as action, time for rest as well as movement.

Our work and play grows organically from our inner and outer awareness, which we will practice, and from our sensitivity and care for one another and the ground that we share.

COST: $400 - 260.
We will be sharing our meals and snacks. You will contribute what you can. Your registration and a deposit of $130 is due by September 10, sent or given to Marianne.

The Philosophy, Theory and Practice of Psychodrama, Group Psychotherapy and Sociometry will be inform and structure our explorations moving our action and relational health forward. Group research into Role Dynamics, Group Complexity and Dynamics, Spontaneity/ Creativity, and action methods will enhance our learning. John Raven Mosher's Healing Circle Model will support our exploration.

This experiential group training is co facilitated by Marianne and Bob Shapiro. Marianne is a Certified Trainer and Bob is a Certified Practitioner of this highly effective and engaging group method.
In addition, Carolyn Skolnick, MA,LMHC, CP-PAT and a Seattle Psychodrama Group Practitioner will be continuing her professional development toward certification as Trainer, Educator, Practitioner (TEPs) and will help us facilitate this training. We welcome her gracefully and gratefully into our Circle.

20 Training Credits in Psychodrama, Group Psychotherapy and Sociometry from the American Board of Examiners may be earned.