April 20-April 22
This is a great opportunity to take your training to the next level by learning the most essential elements of a proper warm-up, addressing your unique imbalances/weaknesses, mobility drills to improve position(s) you're struggling with, and so much more. 

In eight sessions with Coach Chris here's what you can expect:

  • 5-8 minute "flow" warm-up that coach will do with you. This is something that can be used on a daily basis on both training and non-training days. 
  • Specific mobilization techniques to improve specific joint limitations.
  • Snatch and Clean & Jerk progressions that meet you where you're at and will create a foundation upon which to build.
  • Strength and accessory work specifically chosen for YOU.
  • A confidence in your ability to select and perform the lifts safely and with precision, no matter the circumstance. 

Limit to 3 athletes. First come first serve. 

Take your training to the next level   undefined  $450 (save $150)

Offer ends April 22