Hello Dear Supporters and Happy Holidays!

This past year has been especially important to Kids of Kathmandu as we have transitioned from educating and caring for marginalized Nepali children to rebuilding 50 schools in post-earthquake Nepal .  Your generosity has helped make this happen.

To rebuild the schools, we have partnered with an international cadre of experts to assure that they will be safe, effective and responsibly managed.

We take the stewardship of your donated dollars very seriously as these funds are allowing us to deliver a 21st Century learning experience to 10,000 kids, their families and the generations to follow.

A one-time donation of $380 will fund one child at the school complete with  outfitting, training and oversight of the construction.

Kids of Kathmandu believes that the best path to creating a more prosperous and equitable world is to create 21st century schools for marginalized children in the developing world.  The funds spent on building schools, support systems and training will benefit the individual kids, their families and communities for generations, at a relatively low cost per child.


New Kids Post Earthquake.

We have taken in 5 new children at the NYCDS orphanage since the earthquake. Purnima, Sahamat, Sagar, Safal, and Pragesh have all lost parents leaving the other parent unable or unwilling to care for them. These children have come to the orphanage through the government's placement. They come from the outer villages speaking a mountain dialect and arrived at the orphanage with no english language and broken Nepali. We are very excited to have them enrolled at school with our other kids, now habitually at the top of the class, as we know in due time, now with a chance, now with great support, these new children will be rising to their potential in no time. Donate to support education, uniforms, and food for the children at the orphanage here.


Check out this week's feature on DEZEEN  to learn more about our school rebuilding collaboration with SHoP architects  and Asia Friendship Network.

Wishing you all the best for your holidays, and for a safe and happy year to come!
Thank you for your continued support!


Jami Saunders + Andrew Raible
and the team at Kids of Kathmandu