May, 2015
Issue: 5 

1. 3 Days Till #Health4All Dialogue 

  • 3 day till Merced's first #Health4All community dialogue on May 8th, 2015 in South Merced. [BHC Calendar] 
  • .."This event is about highlighting what the people want and to show that the community has a voice...Our elected officials have the power to change the lives of thousands of people with a single vote; this forum serves as a catalyst of what their vote can do.." [BHC Calendar]
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  • "...Providing care to those least able to afford or access care is both the right and smart thing to do,"...By preventing illness in our community, we help to keep all residents healthy and safe..." [Tracy Seipel / Mercury News]
  • "Healthcare providers, students and supporters marched to the state Capitol supporting Senate Bill 4, dubbed the Health For All Act." 

2. Merced's Districting Committee Seeks Input 

  • Late 2014, voters in the city of Merced approved Measure T, a measure that will create 6 electoral districts in the City of Merced. 
  • A committee of citizens has been formed to draw the district lines. [City of Merced]
  • Redistricting hopes to create better and equal representation within Merced's electoral system.
  • Voters can only vote on the candidate running in their particular district, and candidates can only run in the district which they live. [City of Merced] 
  • The Districting Advisory Committee seeks more input on how the city is to be divided. Numerous meetings dates are set. [BHC Calendar]


  • "In terms of challenges, I think a lot of it's going to be outreaching..It's going to take going out to the public and hearing their feedback.." [Thaddeus Miller / Sun Star]
  • Advocates for district elections have argued that the change should give better representation to south Merced, an area of town some consider neglected. All six sitting council members in Merced live north of Bear Creek.  [Thaddeus Miller / Sun Star]

3. Misc. & Events 

  • Over-policed and Underserved..."Today, activists and policy makers alike are calling for an end to oppressive and racist policing..."
  • Stay connected with upcoming events; visit our BHC Community Calendar. [BHC Calendar]

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