3 Faiths, 3 Sabbath Days, 1 Movie
Discover what peace looks like through the eyes of young Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders.


Jerusalem Peacebuilders and The Elijah Project of Saint James Fordham invite you to be a part of an amazing storytelling project this summer!  


During the first weekend of the JPB-K4P Leadership Camp at Acer Farm in Vermont, we will present our Muslim, Christian and Jewish participants with a new challenge: to write, produce, direct and star in their own short documentary exploring the three Sabbath days. An experienced group of video production specialists will be sharing tools, expertise and the support our youth need to tell their stories, and they will begin with their personal relationship with God on the Sabbath.


With your prayers and support, they will continue to work together remotely, respecting each other's traditions and sharing their stories when they return home. 


We are not asking for additional funds for camp operations. We are asking JPB and K4P's friends to empower our young leaders with technology. Your involvement sponsors the production of the movie through giving each leader a new Sony Handycam like this one.



We will assist them as they work remotely to help them produce and distribute their videos, and you will be able to follow their stories beyond the three days at camp. Supporting them in the production of this short documentary, you will help these young leaders to plant the seeds of peace that are so needed to grow in their lifetime.


All of us can help. All it takes is a small donation. Every sponsor will be mentioned in the movie credits and your tax deductible donation will continue to pay dividends well into the future.  


Won't you help by sponsoring a Jerusalem peacebuilder?



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Because the Future of Jerusalem is the Future of the World