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3 HR Duties That Produce
The Highest Return For A Business

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If you are in charge of HR for your organization, we have listed below three HR functions that typically generate the highest return for an organization. They are:

#1: Staying Compliant With All Federal, State, And Federal Laws: The #1 thing your business should do is stay compliant. Although you don’t need a full-time person on staff to handle compliance, you do need to have some key HR knowledge about the DOL’s Fair Labor Standards Act, i.e.:

  • How to pay an employee.
  • How long you have to keep an applicant’s resume on file.
  • How to accommodate a disabled employee.
  • Can your business require someone to work on a religious holiday?
  • How long you need to hold a job open for a new parent. 

By the way, U.S.-based companies have at least an 11.7% chance of having an employment charge filed against them. And according to many experts, the average lawsuit costs $125,000 to defend.

#2: Hiring Talented People: If you intend to maintain five people on staff for the next few years, hiring isn’t crucial. However, if you plan to hire five more people in the next 12 months and three more after that, spending time on hiring talented people will produce a wonderful ROI as a vacant position is lost productivity.

The bottom line: If you want to hire the right person, it takes time to find a talented AND engaged person. Here are some third-party articles to read:

#3: Invest In Your Company’s Culture: If you want to have a profitable business, you need to have an engaged staff. To help you address this issue, we recommend having an engaged and compassionate management team. Remember, a disengaged employee will be a huge cost to your business and engaged employees work hard and typically don’t quit. 

  • 20% of all employees leave their job because they are not happy anymore. 
  • It costs companies 33% of an employee’s annual salary to replace them.

Fixing your company’s culture will save you a fortune in turnover costs. Additionally, it will increase your team’s ability to stay productive.

Executive Summary: Your company’s HR team is responsible for creating and implementing key policies for all employees. And now that you understand the importance of HR, why not spend more time listening to their suggestions to ensure their value is even greater to your business.  
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Other Tips For You
4 New Employee
Hire Forms
To help streamline the process of all new employee forms, we have listed below the top four needed forms:
  1. Form I-9: Federal law requires you to verify the identity and employment authorization by completing Form I-9. Click here to download Form I-9.
  2. Federal Form W-4: An employee must complete federal Form W-4 for the employer to withhold the correct federal income tax. Click here to download Form W-4.
  3. State Form W-4: To obtain your state’s Form W-4, click this link: State Taxation Departments.
  4. Direct Deposit Authorization Form: If you need to provide someone a Direct Deposit Authorization Form, Click here.
Protect Your Business From The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats of 2019

Here are the two biggest threats for 2019:

  1. Backdoors - Backdoors are used to upload crypto-miners for launching crypto-jacking attacks. These attacks break into your website/network, install crypto-mining software, and steal computing processing power.
  2. SEO Spam - This malicious software is installed on web servers to modify (or create) web pages that serve the spammer's purposes (and invoke spam penalties from search engines and damage your search engine results).

How To Protect Yourself.

Find and remove buried malicious content by using a file-based inside-out malware scanner. You can also use a web application firewall (WAF) to help. Now is the time to proactively take steps to protect your business.
3 Ways To Re-Engage
Your Employees

Getting disengaged employees to re-engage seems impossible. Instead of parting ways, try these three methods to re-engage and bring the employee back to the fold.

  1. Find Ways To Reconnect - “What can I do to help?” rather than “Get your head back in the game.” should be the approach. Help employees connect outside of work, as well. 
  2. Talk Less And Ask More Questions - Ask open-ended questions. Resist the urge to fill the silence. Ask how you can make things better for the employee. Engage in 1-on-1 discussions and be open to the suggestions.
  3. Actively Manage - Provide frequent feedback. Set goals together and work toward them.

By utilizing these three suggestions, you will find your disengaged employees are excited about work again and bring benefit to the company.
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