As part of our March Banjo Brief, we communicated some changes to our check valve products. Because of questions we've received about these changes, we are resending this information as a dedicated topic.

Banjo improved the seal integrity of our 3" check valve line by upgrading the gasket, poppet and spring components. In doing so, we increased the spring force on the check valve from ½ pounds of force to 5 pounds of force to improve sealing.
However, in some applications, such as when used as a foot valve, normal suction pressure may not enable the breaking of the check valve, obstructing flow. Because of the need for a reduced spring force for these applications, Banjo has instituted an alternative part number which incorporates the original ½ pound check valve spring force. If your application requires the reduced spring force and has adequate back pressure to prevent leakage, please order the CV301 / MCV301 part numbers listed in the table below.

For your information, please click the part number links to the drawings of Banjo’s 3" check valve line. CV300 CV301 CV300V CV301V MCV300 MCV301 MCV300V MCV301V