3 Uses of SurgiTel Working Distance Caps
B.J. Chang PhD

SurgiTel has developed and patented a technology for easily adjusting working distance by using "Working Distance Caps." These caps are used on both our Galilean and Prismatic loupes
to change the working distance of the loupes to be closer or farther.

There are several applications of working distance caps. We explore three of them in this issue.

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Changing to Loupes After
Experiencing Working Pain
Sifrance Tran, M.D.

Dr. Tran describes his experience switching to SurgiTel:
"When I returned to work I had some pictures taken of me operating in the OR. I saw a huge change in my posture. More importantly, I really felt the change in my posture. I have shared these pictures with numerous colleagues who I have seen bending their necks during surgery."

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Clinicians Report Excerpt

In this issue, CR clinicians and scientists answer questions related to magnification, headlights, and ergonomic declination angles. Read this article to learn all about optics, ergonomics, and lighting along with clinical tips.

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New Ergo Max Loupes

Premium frame design for the best vision and maximum ergonomics. The best of both worlds on one extra-comfortable frame!

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