CHOOSE LIFE: President Trump Will Keep Hearts Beating

1. Fast and Pray this month for our President, our Nation & our Elections. Whether you fast from food, dessert, or entertainment, consider fasting this month as we have never needed prayer more in our nation than we do right now. Pray daily for our President and for our nation to bypass the fake news to hear, know and act upon the truth. Pray for righteous candidates to win from the White House and Congress to the State House as well as city and county offices. Then pray against voter fraud at every level.

Also prayerfully consider joining Franklin Graham at the Prayer March in Washington D.C. on September 26th beginning at the Lincoln Memorial from noon until 2 p.m.
Pray for America
Saturday, September 26th
12 Noon - 2 p.m.
Lincoln Memorial
Watch Rev. Franklin Graham's invitation.
2. Register three people to vote. While the world focuses on "undecided voters" there are millions not yet registered to use their Constitutional right to protect their Constitutional rights. Thirty-nine states can register to vote online. Register three of your friends or send them this link to find out how. THIS CAN ALSO BE DONE AT YOUR CHURCH. Click this link for how. These soon-to-be-registered-voters may decide the outcome and the future of our nation.
3. Spread the word.
Use your circles of influence in personal contact, email and social media to spread the word. Let your friends and family know where you stand. Remember, we are the land of the free because of the brave. SHARE with THIS LINK
Janet Speaking in Texas, September 19th
& South Carolina September 4th & 5th
Join Abby Johnson, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, TX Heartbeat Bill Sponsor Rep. Briscoe Cain and Janet Porter in Austin Texas September 18-19th at the Texas Faith, Family & Freedom Forum at Great Hills Baptist Church.

Click HERE to find out more.
Janet will be joining President of MorningStar Ministries Rick Joyner and General Jerry Boykin to speak at the MorningStar Ministries Partner's Weekend in Fort Mill South Carolina September 4th and 5th.

Find out more at: MorningStar Weekend

“Janet Porter is the William Wiberforce of our time. I do not know of anyone more relentless and resolute in their cause, or with a more important cause for America at this time..."
-Rick Joyner, Chairman The Oak Initiative, Founder & President MorningStar Ministries

"This book is a history book, a faith building book, a powerful weapon and a transformational manual."
-Pastor Rodney Lord
Freedom Gate Church

"It reads like a novel."
-Patricia V.

Congressman Louie Gohmert (R, TX) Janet Porter, Former Majority Leader Tom DeLay and Rachelle Heidlebach discussing the Heartbeat Bill in Congress.

"Janet Porter’s A Heartbeat Away is an inspirational history of the greatest defensive weapon envisioned so far for protecting lives of the unborn, while at the same time it can be a “how to” book on getting harmful laws changed for the sake of our nation..."
-Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-01)

Foreword by Former Majority Leader Tom Delay

"... Janet's book not only forcefully--and colorfully--details the battles already fought, but also serves as a useful guidebook for the battles to come...When the killing of babies in the womb is not only illegal in this country, but unthinkable, Janet will be among those most to be thanked.” 

-Abby Johnson, Author of Unplanned