November 16, 2016

Wow, we have two hurricanes and three new monkey arrivals behind us. No time to relax, we have seven more monkeys getting out of research on the way, whew! We could sure use your help -- we need more volunteers and more money! The next Jungle News post will have more information about the monkeys getting out of the labs, as well as photos, bios, where they are coming from and arrival dates.

Meanwhile, meet Jasper, Chiquita and Gizmo...
First came Jasper...
Just an infant when he arrived needing to be bottle fed and needing a mother.
then came Chiquita...
An elderly capuchin with
arthritis and bone disease. Here, she met our Puchi!! More about Chiquita.
and finally, Gizmo!
Gizmo was a victim of the Louisiana floods. He is very sweet and settled in nicely.
For most, it's out of sight -- out of mind. But when Chiquita's guardian passed with no provisions in the Will for her, Chiquita's extended human family stepped right up! Since her arrival, we have received numerous donations in memory of her human guardian for Chiquita. A very lucky girl! Please sponsor Jasper, Chiquita or Gizmo, monkey sponsorships make great holiday gifts!


Kari Bagnall, Founder & Executive Director ~ 386-462-7779

P.S. Samantha is recuperating from her surgery. We are meeting with a team of professionals and will keep you updated on her condition. We expect a miracle! 
Please send your love and healing thoughts to Samantha and donate to our Monkey Medical Fund -- thank you!
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